i am a Muslim convert and this is just one of my several experiences of Islamophobia

today i wanted to talk about my own experience that i had while shopping as a Muslim women

i decided that i wanted to out shopping one day for clothing items that i needed.

this place was a large name brand store and it was my favorite as me and my family would go there when i was little but recently it has been a bit hard me for me nowadays as i am now a Muslim convert so i tend to wear modest clothing which unfortunately draws unwanted or stares of confusion glares or get fallowed by store staff

and is what unfortunately happened yet again when shopped in this store and as i was looking at the pants section of the store i saw a employee working in the same section who seemed to be inching close to me and looking at me while i was searching for my size and style i locked back at her and her at me and even someone came and started to have a conversion with her she still looked befuddled at me, thinking that i would steal from the store properly or that i am somehow a threat when in reality her staring at ME felt more like a threat it made feel like i did not belong there period i finely found what i wanted and left feeling honestly horrible about myself and i never told the manger of the store about the incident even though maybe i should have i still do not know exactly.

but what i do know is when i talk about these unpleasant Experiences with others their response to me are usually as fallowed

you are just overeating, you are just looking to much into it, you are probably just imagining it well, YOU do wear hijab, you wear those long cloths!,

and what i find the most funny about these responses is when i am explaining my experiences there is a that the lack of awareness or even the REFUSAL to be aware or accept the existence of blatant Islamophobia and racism in our society that is more acceptable to say the victim of such treatment is oversensitive then call out the Aggressor.

the real hate and glares that i get make me feel insure and that is not OK we should all talk about what we go though we should not keep silent like it is OK we should not convince ourselves otherwise and most importantly we should accept that hate is hate and has no place in our society

i know this was a short blog post but i just wanted to end it here and i will be posting my own experiences with Islamophobia in the future along with others and topics i enjoy i am proud of who i am and i love myself and you should to regardless of religion race or gender

if you your self have stories you wanted to share please do so at amuslimwomansblog@gmail.com or submit a story at my https://amuslimwomansblog.tumblr.com/

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hello i am the maker of amuslimwomansblog.com and i wanted to introduce myself. i am 24 year old female and a Muslim convert and i am currently studying to get my degree in history

i started this blog as a way to fight Islamophobia after so many times of it happening i decided it was time to use my voice to speak up and fight

if anyone wants to know about me further or if you have question that relates to Islam or Muslims you can contact me though https://amuslimwomansblog.tumblr.com/ or amuslimwomansblog@gmail.com and if you are struggling with islamophobia you can visit my resource page which has resources on Islamophobia and please let me know you if you would like me to add the page πŸ™‚

blog post: an unfortunate Islamophobic Christmas Experience

 this blog post  I wanted to talk about this particular Experience of mine when I went out with my family for Christmas in a small older town of my state.

it was a chilly winter night filled with beautiful lights and carolers singing near stores while others passed by Listening to their beautiful songs, after i watched the carolers for a little i decided that i wanted to walk into this one shop near me for a card for a friend, though I did not get my hopes up to find anything when I entered the shop I walked up to the cash register where somebody was attending it I was if they had the particular card that I was searching for but the person at the cash register did not answer me, though this person without a doubt saw me and refused to answer my question about their store’s products no instead the cash register attendant simply walked away finely another person in the store helped me I said thank you to the person

and I begin to realize that it was my hijab and me being Muslim that the person who had been working the cash register did not like me, to test my theory that this was Islamophobia at work. I went near the section of the store the cash attendant was, and they turned away when they saw me near the section they were in and from what I saw they were even helping others but not me when I went to the cash register when I walked in the store, I just finely left the store feeling frustrated hurt and humiliated at the first initial refusal of service based on my religion

I recount this story with great hurt and pain at having been singled out for my religion I just to want say that it makes me feel anger when I hear that I should be happy I live in a democracy and not in the middle east that I should shut up and stop complaining when I am seemingly in situations of toeing the line of refusal of service and and not so much, it is a way to get away with hate and have it not be a seen as discrimination.

refusal of service of any kind based on religion race gender sexual orientation is illegal period, and yet it is still swept under the rug and this is probably one of many refusals to come in my life as a Muslim in us as long as people let Islamophobia and racism go on.

if you your have something you would like to share about your own experiences of islamophobia please do so at amuslimwomansblog@gmail.com or my tumblr page https://amuslimwomansblog.tumblr.com/

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