Muslim owned businesses to give your money to

here at amuslimwomansblogcom i am always looking for new ways to empower the Muslim community and try to help garner a positive image for us worldwide and to do that we need to empower each other so here are some Muslim owned online businesses to buy from and help support I have also linked down below other resources for Muslim owned business and how to help them #SupportMuslimCommunities #SupportMuslimfamilies

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NHfashion is a online jewelry store that is based in Bethlehem, Palestine and sells beautiful handcrafted olivewood jewelry

handmadepalestine is Fairtrade based and sells Palestinian handicrafts to raise money for causes in Palestine Atfaula society for deaf children provides customers with beautiful Palestinian handicrafts (

shoppalestine mecca or The Middle East Children’s Alliance was founded by Barbara Lubin and Howard Levine in 1988 after Barbara returned from her first trip to Palestine and Israel at the beginning of the first Intifada. Barbara had witnessed the grave injustice, poverty, and violence of the Israeli occupation paid for with US tax dollars. Both she and Howard decided to speak out about what was happening to Palestinian children and also to raise money for projects in the West Bank and Gaza that would help make life a little bit better for children. (

Watan is a online store that is based in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. and was founded in January 2015, Watan aims to create an space for Palestinians to learn about and explore the rich Palestinian cultural and intellectual heritage (

divinejewelries is a online sty store that sells beautiful Islamic jewelry

KURSIJEWELLERY is an online store that has multiple stores and is in multiple locations is they provide beautifully handcrafted jewelry, unique home decor, car hangings tasbih, and multi-language Qurans

is a Muslim-owned business that sells modest fashion, accessories, hijabs, and gifts.(

baladystitchshop is a small online business that sells tatreez embroidered apparel home decor, and everyday items

muskaanmakeup is a Muslim owned makeup business that provides make up that is not only free of parabens and harmful chemicals but is cruelty-free vegan certified gluten-free and halal

Olivebabywear is a small business that is based in Sydney Australia they sell baby products such as teething rings, dummy chains, and key rings.

siraj is a muslim owned business that provides customer with Islamic products from all around the world the products are ethically manufactured and works to support and contribute to the ummah globally (

jasmineandmarigold is a Muslim business owned that sells babywear adult wear mugs printables and instant downloads (

verona is a Muslim owned business by Lisa Vogl and Alaa Ammuss they provide customers with Muslim friendly fashion and beautiful luxury hijabs (

louellashop is Muslim owned business and is owned by none other than Ibtihaj Muhammad which sells Muslim friendly fashion their products are manufactured in the united states your purchase goes to helping create jobs locally and helps contribute to a much leaner environment (

786cosmetics is a Muslim owned business that was founded in 2017 by Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani they provide customers with halal good quality breathable nail polish 40+ colors have been named after their products are Now sold in 10+ countries and is reaching customers all over the world, 786 Cosmetics has grown to become a globally recognized brand. ( (

nzingaknight is a black Muslim owned business owned by Nzinga Knight who is an award-winning NYC designer, Nzinga grew up in Brooklyn New York, nzingaknight provides customers with stylish and beautiful Muslim friendly fashion ( (

niswafashion is a Muslim owned business and was founded in 2016 their store works to provide customers with Muslim friendly clothing hijabs and Accessories ( (

mybatua is a Muslim owned business and provides customers with traditional Islamic clothing that is unique stylish and comfy to wear (

iceydesigns is a Muslim owned business that creates stationery, candles journals pencils stickers pins, and notepads (

saudahsaleem is a black Muslim owned business that sells beautiful interior design ( (

intfirst is a Muslim owned business that makes natural self-care products and unique and modern life style items (

braceletbangles is an Muslim owned business, braceletbangles was founded to spread awareness to the needs of small business owners and workers across the world and is partnered with other Indian small businesses they are focused on stimulating sustainable growth for small businesses. they work to provide unique and beautiful bracelets for any occasion (

AnitaLadhaniDesigns is a Muslim owned online business that provides beautiful and meaningful handcrafted islamic jewelry, interfaith jewelry, and tasbihs.

shoparewa is a black muslim owned business that provides customer’s with jewelry scarfs and candles

fofkys is Muslim owned business and is based in Dallas, Texas, Us. they sell all kinds of products such as books, Coffee, Sweets, and Teas (

withaspin is a Muslim owned business that provides Islamic inspired home décor books, stationeries, and kitchen accessories (

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11 books by Muslim Authors that Will Make You Want a cup of Coffee and a Comfy Chair to read in

Girl Wearing Hijab Reading Book Portrait Illustration In Hand Drawn Style,  Girl Clipart, Hijab Girl, Cute Illustration PNG Transparent Clipart Image  and PSD File for Free Download

ready set, read away!.

  1. yusuf and zulaikha by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Yusuf and Zuleikha fallows the Islamic-Judeo-Christian figures Yusuf/Joseph and Zuleikha /Zuleika the wife of al-Aziz/Potiphar and her love for Nabi Yusuf

2. Does My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Does My Head Look Big in This? fallows Sixteen-year-old Amal who chooses to wear a hijab who not only worries about how others will react to her choice of religious clothing but also has to deal with Islamaphobia and racism for being visible with her hijab

3. Laughing All The Way To The Mosque by Zarqa Nawaz

Laughing All The Way To The Mosque is a humrous Biography,/Autobiography of Zarqa Nawaz a Muslim woman in Canada

4. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

this story follows a friendship between a wealthy boy and the son of his father’s servant set in the country of Afghanistan

5. Proud: Living My American Dream by Ibtihaj Muhammad

Proud: Living My American Dream is a Biography about Ibtihaj Muhammad life and experiences as a black American Muslim woman

6. Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States, is a study of race, religion, and popular culture in  21st century America it  focuses on a new concept, “Muslim Cool.” Muslim Cool is a way of being an American Muslim―displayed in ideas, dress, social activism in the hood, and the complex relationship to state power

7. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me is an adult dystopian thriller and is narrated by Juliette, a 17-year-old girl. The story starts out with Juliette in an asylum due to the fact that she murdered a small boy three years prior, in a store, using her unusual touch

8. Soft on Soft by Em Ali/ Mina Waheed

Soft on Soft is a Contemporary romance that follows two women Selena Clarke and June Bana one is a homebody and one is an extrovert

June Bana spends her time posting daily makeup looks that gain thousands of likes but in Real Life, June Bana has built an emotional wall with her two cats. But with messy feelings getting in a way of her hermit lifestyle June begins to realize that she wants more. She wants the model/actress Selena Clarke

9. Once Upon an Eid by Aisha Saeed and Morris finalist S. K. Ali

Once Upon an Eid is a collection of short stories about all about the holiday Eid al Fitr that showcases amazing Muslim voices in the literary genre right now

10. Malala: My Story of Standing Up for Girls’ Rights by Malala Yousafzai

Malala: My Story of Standing Up for Girls’ Rights is the memorable memoir of Malala Yousafzai on risking her life for the right to go to school and get an education like anyone else

11. The Empire of Gold: A Novel by S. A. Chakraborty

The Empire of Gold fallows Nahri, a young thief who discovers she is only half-human, thanks to the intervention of Darayavahoush al-Afshin who was a former protector of her ancestors, the Nahids, in the magical Djinn city of Daevabad, which had been taken over by the al-Qahtani family

here are some Muslim owned Online BookShops to Support

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most amazing Muslim women

in this series about amazing Muslim women, I am excited to write about the story of Fatima bint Muhammad. also known as Fatima al-Fihri, bint Muhammad was a Moroccan woman who is credited with founding the al-Qarawiyyin university in 859 AD, the oldest university in the world that is still operating to this day.

Fatima bint Muhammad Al-Fihriya Al-Qurashiya فاطمة بنت محمد الفهرية القرشية‎ also nicknamed Um Al-Banun, was born in 800 CE in Qayrawan modern-day Kairouan, Abbasid Caliphate in a man named Abdallah Mohammed Ibn Abdallah Al-Fihri, who was a merchant. She also had a sister named Mariam and a brother and was of Arab Qurayshi descent. Fatima and her sister Mariam were said to be well educated and very knowledgeable about religion and well versed in classical Islamic teachings such as Fiqh, jurisprudence, and the hadith. She and her family were among a community of Arab people who immigrated from Qayrawan, now called AL-Kiraouan, modern Tunisia day to Maghreb Morocco in the city of Fez Fatima. Her family was a part of a community called the Qarawiyyin”, which means the ones from Qayrawan. The city was said to be a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis of the time. It was founded by its ruler Idris II who was an Alwite sharif of Iraqi origin. A few years later it was said to be filled to overflowing with thousands of Muslims emigrating from Al Andalusia, Based on the selfless actions of Fatima and her sister Mariam, they could be compared to other Abbasid leaders, who would use their wealth to commission buildings for the public good that was done in the era that Fatima was born. The Abbasids of Iraq had loosely controlled the Aghlabids of Tunisia.  Both the ruling houses valued the science industry and the arts. Abbasid women from caliphal families of means and noble houses would frequently donate amenities to travels to fund their journey to Mecca Amat al Aziz. The wife of Caliph Harun al Rachid ordered an aqueduct and reservoir to be built after seeing the effects of a drought in the surrounding lands. The commissioning of these public works may have had an ulterior motive. The Aghlabids were taxing ordinary citizens in arrangements not warranted by the holy which is why it is believed that Fatima and her family immigrated to Morocco due to the un Islamic taxes. Both the military of Qayrawan, (modern-day Kairoua) and its everyday people, was said to be educated, pious, and legal-minded objected to the liberties that the Aghlabid rulers were taking. It was caused by the outbreak of violence by the Jund (the standing army) from 824-826 A.D. Which had caused drove hundreds of noble families to make the 1600 km (1000 mile) journey from Qayrawan to Fez, Fatima’s family went on to build their wealth after years of hard work. Her father had become a successful businessman. Almost all of them departed before reaping the benefits of their wealth. Her father, her husband, and her brother died and left her with the family fortune. The city lacked schools and masjids to accommodate its population so Fatima and her sister donated their inheritance to build more mosques, one Al Qarawiyyin and the other Al Andalus. In 859, She decided to use her inheritance to fund a project to build a Mosque and early on began buying property adjacent to her initial land to increase the size of the mosque. Fatima started her project at the beginning of Ramadan month 859 A.D. and fasted during construction and promised not to eat before the completion of construction work. She bought land nearby, from a man of the Hawaara tribe. Fatima also insisted that all the materials for construction should be local, with stones and sand that were extracted from the land. They used bricks and roof tiles were made also from fired clay of the same land she bought. and after 2 years later the project was completed, historical reports offer that she made prayers of gratitude in the masjid she had so hard to build. she had even named her Mosque after her own hometown Qayrawan. The Mosque would later develop into the Al qarwarawiyyn University, where it would become the first cultural-educational, and religious hub in the Islamic world. Her building severed the community as a mosque, library, and a university for the city of Fez. There were even “Hamams” steam rooms set up which are still functioning properly today. In the beginning, the education that Al qarwarawiyyn university offered was courses in religious instruction and the holy Qur’an, but its curriculum gradually expanded with time. It would eventually offer education in various sciences, including Arabic grammar, geography, history, mathematics, logic medicine, alchemy, chemistry, and astronomy. Her library is said to be the oldest in the world, the library contains a copy of the Holy Qur’an dating all the way back to the 9th century written Kufic script on camel skin, and thousands of manuscripts from a range of fields, and an Arabic version of the Gospel of Mark that dates back to the 12th century. the Al Qarawiyyin university accepted students from all around the world who set off in a quest to study at the University, some of the university’s more famous scholars that had graduated from Al-Qarawiyyin are Pope Silvester, Nicolas Cleynaerts, cartographer Mohammed al-Idrisi, the famous traveler Leo Africanus, the historian Historiographer and thinker Ibn Khaldun, Sufi poet and philosopher Ibn Hazm, Medical, grammarian Ben Ajrum, Dutch Orientalist and mathematician Jacob van Gool, Sufi leader Muhammad al-Jazuli, Gerbert of Aurillac, who was Pope from 999 to 1003, is also believed to have studied at the university and is credited for introducing Arabic numerals that are still used in Europe today, and prominent Jewish philosopher Moses Ben Maimon.

Fatima al-Fihri’s sister Mariam went on to not only sponsor but also build the Al Andalus mosque, the grand Andalusian mosque named after the immigrants from the Andalusian region from southern Spain. Fatima’s university to this day continues to contribute to scientific and intellectualism. As well as in the field of language and literature philosophy, astronomy, and medicine, as well as Islamic law and jurisprudence. The Guinness World Records acknowledges it as the world’s oldest and currently operating institution in the world as well as the United Nations. Fatima-al-fihri is considered to be a saint in some parts of modern-day north Africa and is still respected especially in fez morocco. In 2017 a prize was created in Tunisia in her honor, It rewards initiatives that encourage access to training and professional responsibilities for women and an academic program. the scholarship is given to students from Europe and North Africa that also pays tribute to Fatima al Fihri.

thank you everyone for taking the time to read this amazing story, so what did you think after reading this, or if you have any information for this amazing Muslim woman let me know in the comments down below.

books on fatima-al-fihri

additional information on Fatima-al-fihri

informational sources that was used partly for this blog post,Fatima%20inherited%20a%20large%20fortune.

amazing Muslim women that you should know about

The women featured in this piece are two amazing Muslim women that I feel are not that talked about enough and not that well known, in the west. i am hoping to help remedy that right away with my series

Rābiʿa al-ʿAdawiyya al-Qaysiyya رابعة العدوية القيسية‎

Rābiʿa al-ʿAdawiyya al-Qaysiyya Arabic: رابعة العدوية القيسية‎ she is also known as Hazrat Bibi Rabia Basri, Rabia Al Basri Rabia Basri, or Rabia of Basra.

Rabia was born in  714-718 CE in Basra Iraq to the Qays tribe she was an early Sufi Muslim, saint Sufi mystic, and poet. She followed the concept of divine love and ascension.

Rabi’a was The fourth daughter of her impoverished parents and was named Rabi’a as the word literally means fourth. Her father was a Ismail, a holy man committed to a life of poverty and lived on the edge of the desert near the town of Basra. Due to their poverty, the family had no oil in their house. On the night she was born they could not anoint as was the custom of the time. Ismail refused to beg from his neighbors and this caused his wife to weep, upset Rabia’s father had fallen asleep.

He soon had a dream in which Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, told him not be sad the girl child, who has just been born is a queen amongst women and was told that his faith would be rewarded. Soon after the dream, Rabi’a’s father went straight to the Amir with tears of joy rolling down cheeks to which the Amir was delighted on receiving this message. Knowing the prophet may peace upon him, visited the man in a dream, he gave 1000 dinars and gave the family money to help raise their children. When Rabi’a was eleven years old her father died and her mother was left to raise them. The mother took her family to Basra. On the way, their caravan was attacked, her mother was killed and she and her siblings were kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Eventually, she wound up in Baghdad Iraq. She was bought and her talents were exploited by all of her owners. She was a talented singer so her master put her to work as an entertainer. One day when she was about thirty-six, she was singing at a wedding party when suddenly the song changed instead of singing to wedding guest, she was singing to Allah God. From then on she refused to sing for anyone but Allah, and this angered her master. He began to abuse her, but she still held fast to her beliefs. During the day she would do the master’s housework and at night she would pray. It is believed that her master saw a light surrounding her which left him captivated and in the morning he freed her.

Once Rabi’a was freed she went out into the desert outside of Basra Iraq and spent several years worshipping Allah becoming an ascetic, and living in semi-seclusion while also devoting her life to celibacy and dematerialization. Unlike many Sufi saints of her time, she did not learn from a teacher or master but instead turned to Allah God as her guide and teacher. According to historical reports of her life she did not own much, nothing much but a broken jug, a rush mat, a brick she had used as a pillow. She spent all night in prayer and contemplation chiding herself if she slept as she felt that it took her away from her love of Allah God.

As her fame grew, she had gained many disciples and had discussions with many renewed religious people of her time. She had also many offers of marriage, even from the Amir of Basra at the time. She refused all marriage offers, as she wanted to devote all of her time to worshiping Allah God. She performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, Rabi’a concentrated on God’s love believing and teaching that love alone is the path to Allah God. Several hours of prayer were not devoted to asking things of God Allah, but was focusing on just on worshiping Allah God.

Afterwhile she became a spiritual leader and taught both men and women her revisionary love mysticism. She focused on the teachings of  Asceticism and divine love which later became a major Sufi precept. Rabi’a’s teaching was in connection with the stages of Repentance, patience, gratitude, hope, fear, poverty, renunciation, unification, trust, love. People would travel miles just to study with her. It was said that Rabi’a Loved Allah God so much that once a person asked Rabi’a if she hated Satan. She responded with “My love of Allah has so possessed me that no place remains for loving or hating any save Him”.

She was the first to introduce the concept of divine love, the idea that Allah God should be loved for Allah God’s own sake, and not out of fear as earlier religious leaders had often taught. She also taught Repentance was a gift from Allah God because no one could repent unless Allah God had already accepted them. Giving a person the gift of repentance, she also taught that sinners must fear the punishment they deserved for their sins, but she also offered such sinners far more hope of paradise, then most other ascetics during her life. It is said that she abstained from meat and was a vegetarian. She would be surrounded by animals when she meditated in the woods. One day a disciple of hers Hasan-al-Basri, who was also a Sufi teacher, had approached them in the woods which had made the animals run away. He felt sad when the animals ran away from him, and sought the advice of Rabi’a. Rabi’a then asked him what he had eaten that day, he replied animal fat and Rabia explained that animals ran away from those who eat their flesh. There is also a legend about Hassan Al Basri, who was a Muslim spiritual master of the period, thought so highly of Rabi’a, that he would often refuse to teach if she was not present.

Sufyan al-Thawri was quoted to say about Rabi’a “Take me to the teacher. For when I am apart from her, I can find no solace.” even a famous prayer is Also attributed to Rabi’a “O, Allah! If I worship Thee in fear of Hell, burn me in Hell; and if I worship Thee in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise; but if I worship Thee for Thine own sake, withhold not Thine everlasting beauty.” She was in her early to mid-eighties when she died and was buried in Basra Iraq, Rābiʿand lived her life as an influential and intellectual woman who had successfully reached a state in which all Sufis and non-Sufi Muslims try to archive. Winning against the selfish human nature that keeps people from doing good deeds in this world.

she was an amazing Muslim woman and her story deserves to be heard

Nusaybah bint Ka’ab نسيبة بنت كعب‎

View at

Nusaybah bint Ka’ab was one of the few women of the time to pledge allegiance to Allah and his messenger. She was a member of the Banu Najjar tribe that lived in the holy city of Medina Nusaybah was the sister of Abdullah bin K’ab and the mother of Abdullah and Habib ibn Zayd al-Ansari.

She becomes one of the companions of Muhammad and would be fought beside prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, and his other companions may peace be upon them. She was well known for her bravery and was a very skilled warrior and it is said that Muslim soldiers would marvel at her skills with a sword. She also least sustained 12 major wounds in her battles and overcame them.

Nusaybah bint Ka’ab is most famous for her brave efforts in defending Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Battle of Uhud. Like many other Sahabiyat, Nusaybah was initially there to aid the soldiers during battle. In the excitement of perceived victory, the Muslim archers on the hill deserted their positions and neglected Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) orders to never leave their position. This left him (PBUH), and a handful of companions vulnerable to their enemies including Nusaybah. The tide of the battle had changed.

Nusaybah bint Ka’ab then picked up a sword and arrows and rushed to the defense of the Messenger of Allah. She struck fatal blows to her opponents with her swords and shot arrows at them to protect the Prophet (PBUH). He (PBUH) himself said, “Wherever I turned, left or right, on the Day of Uhud I saw her fighting for me.” Nusaybah is most famous for her brave efforts to defend Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the battle of Uhud, where Nusaybah was there to Aid the soldiers during the battle. In the excitement of perceived victory, the archers on the hill deserted their positions and neglected Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) orders no one not abandons their positions. This left Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  a handful of companions vulnerable to attack Nusaybah picked up a sword and arrows and rushed to defend Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She struck blow after blow to her opponents with her sword and repeatedly shot arrows at them. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) himself had once said “Wherever I turned, left or right, on the Day of Uhud I saw her fighting for me. At the end of the battle she gotten inflicted with 13 wounds and a deep neck wound that stayed with until her death”,.

This amazing warrior woman and amazing Muslim women’s story needs to be told pronto, this is the end of this piece for now.

opinion piece: I am still not hopeful after the Muslim ban repeal

Emerald stowe 1/22/2020

After the repeal of the Muslim ban by 46th President Joseph R Biden I have seen online comments that say oh that is such a big step for the Muslim community and immigrants or the muslin ban is gone now finely.

For me as a Muslim women I feel a lot differently, as a Muslim women in this country it is most differently not over for Muslims, as the effects will still linger in one form or another. After all the ban give Islamophobic, racists, and people that was kind to us but still harbor Islamophobic thoughts towards the Muslim community. The permission to be discriminatory and Islamophobic towards me and my Muslim brothers and sisters for being from the social “wrong” religion was ban for a reason right. We do not want any of the enemies in our own country that mindset will not go away after just repealing one ban that was made to oppress black and brown Muslims and non Muslims. This will not change a Islamophobic and racist mindset after just doing one act aimed in the direction of change. This is why I remain unhopeful and admittedly unwilling to engage in “unity” and “good” faith. The very same people who want to oppress me and other Muslims with their vacuous racism towards Rashida Talb and Ilhan Omar calling her a terrorist saying that no Muslim should ever run for office.

All this leading me to ask myself why? Why am I told to engage nonsensical fake good faith engagement with those very same racist Islamophobic people who see me a Muslim Hijabi woman as a Terrorist just like they see Muslim women serving the senate, those very same racist who tell us Muslim to assimilate into civil society but when we go beyond that and actually by Allah’s will get jobs in the White House. They still say we are terrorists, we need to be banned from their country, that we are savages that support sharia and all other racist propagate which creates a fear to fuel bans like the one America had.

So no I am not going to work with them, nor heal with my Islamophobic oppressors, no I will not give a cookie to anyone for lifting America’s Muslim ban, even though I still do find myself trying to be more optimistic. trying to make myself be more hopeful than I am that with time things will get better for Muslims in the country but in the meantime, I will continue resisting and fighting by wearing my hijab and my Arabic Islamic jewelry’. unapologetically showing to the world, saying that I am a proud Muslim who will not be so easily broken by the hate that fueled our country’s Muslim ban and will try to grow from this experience.

7 things Muslim women do not owe you

1. taking off our hijabs to make you feel safe or happy

as Muslim women, most of us are expected to take off our hijab just to make bigots happy, simply make ends meet by being able to get a job that would otherwise reject us, or just to avoid discrimination, happy to say that it is something we Muslim women simply do not owe you full stop

2. being sympathetic to discriminatory Islamophobic laws that strip us of our own freedom of choice

being sympathetic and understanding of hijab bans in any country or being supportive of bans that stripe us of our own choice to wear what we want

3. to “understand” or be tolerant of your islamophobia

we do not owe you tolerance of your intolence towards Muslims period

4. teaching you you about our religion

we do not owe you an automatic education of our religion simply because you are to lazy to take your self to a library

5. an apology for terrorism that has nothing to do with us

we do not owe you, an apology for Terrorist attacks that have nothing to do with us some of which that has also happened to us period.

6. being silent about everyday anti-Muslim discrimination, that happens to us.

we simply do not owe you our silence regarding Islamaphobic discrimination just because talking about our own experiences makes you feel uncomfortable

7. being the silent exotic pretty token ornament for you

we do not owe you our bodies, for your Islamophobic fetishization and tokenization period.

that is the end of my list, for 7 things Muslim women do not owe anyone. as a Muslim woman, I have been wanting to write something like this, as I feel these are things that are not said enough, when I was at college I actually felt at one point like I was actually being treated as an ornament for being a Muslim woman, rather than a person.

while I have never been asked directly to apologize for terrorism, I feel like that was the underlying implication. when I had got into a fight with the same girl that I feel just wanted to hang around me for simply being Muslim. to add even more trauma, when I talk about these issues, I have actually get told that I should just ignore the hate, or be more forgiving of Islamaphobes, as they work long-hour jobs and might live in rural places so they may not be so educated about Islam or me. yeah, I have actually had that enraging thing said to me before sigh.

comment your thoughts or feelings down below in the comment section

female Muslim singers that you should listen to

295 Muslim Singing Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime



11 years ago, Malaysian singer Yuna was advised to record only Malay music  | The Independent Singapore News

Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai, professionally known as Yuna is a Malaysian singer and songwriter


Aima Baig

Aima Baig is a Pakistani singer and scriptwriter


Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O'Connor converts to Islam - BBC News

Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor is an Irish singer-songwriter and is a recent convert to Islam


Balqees Ahmed Fathi

Balqees Fathi Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Balqees Ahmed Fathi is a Yemeni singer


Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar is a Indoesnian singer and Actress


Alsarah & The Nubatones

Alsarah  is a Sudanese-American singer, songwriter, and ethnomusicologist and is the leader of the group Alsarah & The Nubatones


Dalia Ihab Younis

Awakening Talent Contest - Dalia Ihab Younis - #Egypt #AwakeningStar -  YouTube

Dalia Ihab Younis is a Egyptian word and voice artist and singer


Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is an English singer and songwriter of Kosovar Albanian heritage


Amelle Berrabah

Sugababes star Amelle Berrabah left bankrupt after accountant bungled  £650,000 tax bill

Amelle Berrabah also known as Amelle, is an English singer-songwriter


Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan | aloftyexistence

Natasha Khan known professionally as Bat for Lashes, is an English singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist


Parveen Sultana 

Tracing classical singer Begum Parveen Sultana's journey in cinema: 68th  birthday special

is an Indian Hindustani classical singer of the Patiala Gharana


Begum Akhtar

Begum Akhtar - Wikipedia

Begum Akhtar or Akhtari Bai Faizabadi was a Indian singer and actress. and is regarded as one of the greatest singers of ghazal, dadra, and thumri genres of Hindustani classical music


Suraiya - Wikipedia

Suraiya Jamal Sheikh, popularly known by the mononym Suraiya, was a popular actress and playback singer in India’s Hindi language films


Shamshad Begum

Remembering Shamshad Begum!. Remembering Shamshad Begum! | by  Bollywoodirect | Medium

Shamshad Begum was an Indian singer who was one of the first playback singers in the Hindi film industry

so were you suppressed after reading this list of amazing Muslim female singers did it suppress or not at all did it make you want to now listen to them?

Young Muslim Business Woman Arab Middle Eastern Talking With Microphone  Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock
Young muslim business woman arab middle eastern talking with microphone stock photo

comment down below or if you your have something you would like to share about my blog or just had general questions or if there is something wrong with a page you are on please contact me at or you can message me on my tumblr page

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religious singers that are a treat to Listen to

use the code muslimwoman for 20% percent off a purchase at


momina mustehsan

Still waiting for you to respond: Momina Mustehsan awaits Ali Zafar's  apology | The Express Tribune

momina mustehsan is a pakistani singer song writer musician and a social activst


Sharifah Khasif

Asmaul Husna - Sharifah Khasif (Official Video Original HD) | Internet  music, Songs website, Youtube

Sharifah Khasif is a malaysian singer and Qariah


Maher Zain

Maher Zain- #pakistan day | Maher zain, Singer, Music producer

Maher Zain is a Swedish R&B singer song writer and music producer


Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed - Wikipedia

Junaid Jamshed is a pakistani recording artist, television personality, fashion designer, occasional actor, singer-songwriter, and preacher

5 Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf | Sami, Fictional characters

Sami Yusuf is a Iranian-born British Muslim singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, and humanitarian

6. Zain Bhikha

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Zain Bhikha is a South African singer-songwriter who performs Islamic nasheed songs


Mesut Kurtis

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Mesut Kurtis is a Turkish–Macedonian singer


Muhammad Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam - New Songs, Playlists & Latest News - BBC Music

Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani playback singer and actor


Nazeel Azami 

Nazeel Azami - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Nazeel Azami is an English singer, songwriter and teacher


Ahmad Hussain 

Ahmad Hussain - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays

Ahmad Hussain is an English Nasheed singer-songwriter, executive, producer of Kashmiri-Pakistani descent


Ahmed Bukhatir

Ahmed Bukhatir's stream

Ahmed Bukhatir is an Emirati Nasheed singer


Omar Esa

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Zahid Ullah Afridi

Pashto Naat - Zahid Afridi by Zahid Ullah Afridi


Awais Iqbal

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Kamal Uddin

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Hamza Robertson

Hamza Robertson is an English singer


Ishaq Ayubi

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Ishaq Ayubi Musical artistTeacher | Reciter



Siedd is a Musical artist


Nadeem Mohammed

Nadeem Mohammed - YouTube

Nadeem Mohammed is a Musical artist Singer Composer and Songwriter


Imran Abbas Naqvi

Ending up together is meaningless in love-Imran Abbas – The Odd Onee

Imran Abbas Naqvi is a Pakistani actor, singer and former model.

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terrifying creatures and legendary ghosts you would not want to meet

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Close up of young frightened screaming girl shocked isolated over red background. Stressed and depressed woman because of bad news — Stock Footage

Aicha Kandicha/Aicha Qandicha Moroccan Arabic عيشة قنديشة‎, 

Aicha is a creature said to be similar to a Jinn or demon, she is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman with goat or camel legs.

she usually lives near water in rivers or in flames she can also appear to men in dreams and may leave them impotent for life from water and uses her beauty to seduce men and even kill or drive them insane

Aicha waits for her prey underwater sources and flames, as men approach her who are unfortunate enough to encounter her she kills them, some say that if you ever alone and if you hear the sounds of rusty chains dragging on the ground Aicha is Kadisha is nearby.

in other myths I found she helped out Morocco during the Spanish invasion of Morocco Spanish soldiers came across Aicha kanidsha, she seduced them and killed them they were later found dead people of Morocco believe her to be responsible.

some people of Morroco do not view Aicha as evil, some even call out to her for help some people say you can summon her by pouring boiling water down the sink drain Aicha will come and help them.

some people gather on every Thursday led by men to rivers where she is said to live and bring incense candles milk bread

La Llorona The weeping Woman

La Llorona is a legendary ghost from Hispanic, Latino folklore, as well as central and northern American folklore, she is commonly heard and is commonly seen near rivers creeks oceans at night crying out Mi hijo, mi hijo to her drowned children she has been seen as flowing having black hair and wearing a white dress and a veil or a shawl and possess a natural beauty even as a spirit she.

in a rural village there once lived a young woman named Maria

 Maria came from a poor family but was known in the village for her beauty and  One day a wealthy nobleman traveled to her village  and upon seeing maria had stopped in his tracks and Maria too  was charmed by him as he was charmed by her beauty so he proposed to her and she had immediately accepted and maria’s family was thrilled that was marrying into a wealthy however

the noblemen’s father was not happy about the marriage and disappointed in his son for marrying into poverty maria and her new husband built a house in the village to be away from the disappointment of his father

and Eventually, Maria gave birth to twins a boy and girl her, new husband was always traveling and had stopped spending time with his family when her husband did come home he only paid attention to their children and not maria.

maria know that her husband was falling out of love with her one day he left the family and never returned until years later when maria and her children where walking by a river she saw a familiar carriage with a younger beautiful woman next to her husband the carried stoped he waved to his child but again had ignored maria

as the carriged left maria became so angery and confused without thinking she graped her two childern and drowned them in the river but came back too reality only after seeing her childern bodies flaoting in the river only then did she realize what she had done so out of pure sadness at what she had did she jumped into the river hoping too die and be with her childern

and when she arrived at the gates of heaven  she asked the whereabouts of her childern she was not petmitted too enter the after life untill she found her childern

and so now she is curesed to forever wonder the land as Llorona,  all eternity searching only in vain for her drowned children.

it is said that if she comes across any child alone at night, she will mistake them for her children and drown them, or if you hear the crying of Llorona you must run in the opposite way, for if you hear her cried they bring not only misfortune but death.

she is also some times seen in the depths of a river and is said that if others attempt to save her if she is seen in the depths of the water they will be drowned themselves

she has been also seent at the border into Texas, El Paso, Rio de Flag in the city of Flagstaff, and the San Pedro River near Tucson, and cemeteries.

Nale ba come tomorrow

Nale ba is an Indian witch that is said to come to your door at night, in the 90s, Bangalore India was abuzz with rumors’ of a witch walking the streets at night.

the witch would knock on doors at night and try to lure men by calling out to them by mimic their family hours upon hearing their loved ones would open the door and the victim and die within in the next 24 later to combat this, people would write the name nale ba meaning come tomorrow on their doors this meant.

that the witch would return the next day and see the sigh and the cycle would continue.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a legendary ghost in many countries and cultures around the world it terrified me and others around me as a child, I can even hardly even say her name out loud as an adult.

there are countless variations of her story she is called through the game that you have to play to summon her, you chant her name 3 times in a mirror in the dark alone if it works she is said to kill you in a very brutal way by scratching out your eyes, strangling you, tear you to pieces, stealing your soul, or cursing you, or steal you away though the mirror.

she is said to appear in the mirror as a corpse, or witch covered in blood

I have never done it though thank Allah and never would there is however

another version of this where she would appear and show the person summoning her their true love another form of the ritual was played by young women who wanted to know who their true love was so they would walk up a flight of stairs backward holding a candle and a hand mirror in a dark house and as they gazed into the mirror they where able to cathch a glimpse of their future husband and if they saw a skill indicating that they would die before getting married and another version of this game called baby blue where mary is actually the mother of the baby it’s said that if you play it your arms will feel heavy like your holding a baby and if you do not get rid of the weight quick enough it is said that you will feel the wraith of mary

there is different variations of who she was

mary weatherby was a woman who was sta bbed death by her huaband they say that if you go to a mirrior in a dark room and say her name 3 times her mutlilated face will will appear in the mirrior and she will chase you around with a bloody knife

mary johnson was a woman who was burned at the stake durning thw salem witch trials to summon her in this verson the room must be dark everyone sits in a circle holds hands and chants come mary johnson come a dim light will appear over the head of one person

pichal peri

pichal peri is a Pakistani legendary creature, who is a demonic witch that will appear as a beautiful woman who targets men.

her entire appearance is disguised all except her feet which will point backward in her true form she will look like a witch with a long face dirty fingers a hunchback messy hair a bloody clothing and large eyes and will kill anyone she encounters by drinking their blood and ripped out vital organs from their bodies it is also said that if you say pichal peri out loud she is supposed to make an appearance

in india the name can also be known as Pichal Pairee or Churel a demon that would appear out of nowhere in deserted areas at night and could be either friendly or evil and is known to wear a saree or other native Indian clothing.

people can outrun the demon if they are lucky enough, one could carry bits of paper with holy verses, amulets, frequently pronounce the name of God/Allah, or carry the holy Quran with them.

People can only manage to run away if they are lucky enough. Most of the people carry bits of papers inscribed with holy verses (amulets), and they frequently pronounced the name of God. A copy of the holy book is also said to keep them safe from evil.


PołudnicaПолудница Chirtel Ma in Yiddish or in English Lady Midday or noon wraith or noon witch. halls from eastern European and Slavic folklore

she is feard by anyone working in fields she is said to appear at noon when the sun shone the most she is said a tall pale thin woman with loose hair and a flowing white robe or a ghostly skeleton or an old woman.

there are different variations on her weapons she said to either carry a sickle, shears scythe people are unfortunate enough to encounter południca are asked tricky questions if the victim answers wrong them or if the victim tries to change the subject she will cut off their heads with her weapon or strike them illness or madness.

Baba Yaga/Баба-Яга

Baba Yaga is a witch from Slavic folklore Baba Yaga she is said to be a deformed and ferocious-looking woman that is emaciated with sharp teeth

she lives in a hut that stands on chickens legs and cares for the wildlife some depictions of her varies to her helping travelers and others in need she has the power to wrap the forest where she lives confusing travelers leading to them, unfortunately, losing their senses and is doomed to forever wander the endless forest at night she said to leave her house in search of children who have wandered into her woods she files through the air in a large mortar using to pestle to steer once she finds a lost child she will devour them using her teeth to crunch them

the pinky pinky

the pinky pinky is a human-like figure that is half man and half woman with rose intended skin rose-colored eyes and noticeable bright pink hair it is dressed in a mixture of female and male clothing and has the appearance of a feminine man of late middle age this creature signature weapon is a knife and is known to lurk in the girls bathrooms where the pinky pinky waits for it’s victims’ young girls particularly those who are dressed in pink underwear to enter the bathroom alone and then murders them the pinky pinky targets girls, it is said that if a person surprises this creature they say they can see it faces which is humanoid but it is unsightly ugly mottled bald if it sees a person looking then it’s features are said to get blurry so that all a person can see are two pink colored eyes it is said that the pinky pinky will try to corner it’s victims then speaks to them in a musical voice’s woman’s voice and asks if the girl will play or be friends with pinky pinky other versions of the story claim that the pinky pinky will tell the girl its story and where it came from but the girl can never remember exactly what she was told and then the pinky pinky will demand payment for its story and if the victim can not pay then the girl is will be abused by pinky pinky

Nure Onna or wet woman or snake woman

the snake woman has the upper body of a beautiful innocent-looking woman and the lower body of a huge snake she is depicted as being 30 feet long in length with snake eyes and long clawed hands she said to have beautiful black hair

she haunts rivers springs seashores

shoreline and preys on unsuspecting swimmers fishermen or men walking by when she spots her prey she rises from the water and paralyzes them with her then uses her snake-like tongue to suck all of the blood out of her victim’s body

she has multiple ways of tricking anyone unfortunate enough to encounter her she seduces them with her beauty and then kills them acts like a drowning woman she bobs her head on the surface of the water and flaps her arms pretending to be a drowning woman and when someone dives into saving she rises up Snatchs them with her claws and drags them down the depths of the water Nure Onna would also appear by the sea as a mother Nure Onna would then request someone holds the baby and when the person accepted and hold it would turn into a heavy stone that would not able to separate from the person that person would then be killed and eaten, but other variations of the telling of this creature suggest that she is not evil but just wants to be in solitude as she baths and just reacts violently to those who bother her.


pronounced in multiple ways as tokolosh, Tikoloshe, Tokoloshe, or Tokolotshe. this creature hails from Zulu mythology

it is described as a small humanoid creature and resembles a gremlin, dwarf, sprite, or brownie with long bony and a hole in its head

the way one is created is by a witch though black magic it is said that a tokoloshe can be created by removing the tongue and eyes of a corpse and a heated iron rod must be thrust into the corpse skill and then a powder would be thrown into the corpse mouth to give it life and even requires payment within a year relative would die

the tokoloshe is sent as a curse or a hex on someone and torments them.

it is said to mess with your ability to rest properly and will attack you in your sleep tries to kill you by strangulation and will bit off your toes while you sleep, it’s said to be apart of the reason many people in Zulu culture used to sleep with their bed raised as to protect themselves.

it will drink water and eat Pebbles, in order to keep itself invisible.

Closeup Portrait Of Adult Attractive Muslim Female In Hijab Watching A Horror  Movie On TV While Sitting On The Couch Stock Video - Video of asian, faith:  144416609
Closeup portrait of adult attractive Muslim female in hijab watching a horror movie on TV while sitting on the couch

so how did you feel after reading this list, did it chill you to the bone and terrify you, or were you not scared at all? comment down below.

horrifying urban legends that will keep you up at night


Aisha is a Malaysian urban legend of a girl who was murdered by four men and according to this urban legend she will take revenge on anyone who dares to look at her photo and goes someone like this

Aisha was shy country was born in a small village in Malaysia, but in 1984 she moved to Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia. Aisha suffered from a disease called Photophobia, it meant that her eyes were sensitive to a bright light. It caused her to have severe debilitating headaches for this reason, Aisha Always wore dark sunglass and never allowed anyone to take her picture.

one day the factory where Aisha worked was holding it’s annual party, Everybody was having fun and Aisha took off her sunglass.

someone at the party, had a camera and decided to take a picture and as soon as the flash went off Aisha doubled over in pain and collapsed on the ground.

she was suffering from an intense headache, and she began to foam at the mouth the poor girl writhed on the ground, until an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. Aisha spent 3 days there.

the man who had taken her photo came to apologize for his carelessness, after the incident Aisha was forced to stop working. The doctor had given her medication and told her to spend some time resting.

she just stat at home only going out at night, when it was dark to buy food her landlord sympathized with her situation and allowed Aisha to stay in the apartment, without paying rent until she was healthy enough to return home.

one month later, Aisha was fully recovered and was time for her to make the trip back to her home village.

that night Aisha left her house, she walked to the bus station on the way a car suddenly pulled up in front of her and four men got out, they blocked her path and when she tried to go around them they grappled her and dragged her to their car.

the four men kidnaped her, they took her to an empty house on the outskirts of the city they tied her to a chair then one of them, took out a knife and cut at her clothing Aisha cried and begged them to stop and to have mercy on her.

but the group of men where heartless and only laughs at her, they then began to beat her and abuse her, one of the men took out a camera and took photos.

Aisha begged him not to and tried too explain that she head photopia, as soon as the blinding flash went off Aisha was struck by a intense headache her head was pounding she screamed in pain the men kept beating her.

they took photo after photo, Aisha felt like her head was going to explode, blood began to pour from her body and after suffering for hours Aisha was in terrible pain and could barely move.

she was still tied up the men carried her out of their car tossed her into the car, they drove her out to a bridge and told her that they where going to dumb her in the river.

just before the men threw Aisha into the water, Aisha screamed out “Anyone who looks at my picture without permission, I will punish them in a dream with the same pain that I am experiencing. I swear I will though I’m dead, woe to those who see the picture.

the next morning, the four men went to a photo shop to get the photos developed.

they gave the man behind the counter money and warned them to keep silent about the contents of the photos when the group of men who killed Aisha saw the photos Aisha of being tortured they laughed, suddenly the car that they where driving swerved crashed into a tree killing one of the men instantly.

the second man of the group was taken to the hospital that evening and died from severe internal bleeding the third man survived the crash with only minor injuries and after bandaging his wounds the doctors let him leave on his way back to his home the man tripped and fell into an open manhole.

he lay at the bottom of the sewer with a broken leg the same he had done to Aisha he was unable to climb back up and that night it rained heavily, the water level rising in the sewer the man drowned suffering the same fate that he done to Aisha

the fourth man didn’t have a scratch on him and went straight home that night as he lay in bed, he dreamed of Aisha coming to him and beating him as he had beaten her.

she beat the man who killed her with a stick when he woke, he had an extremely bad headache the pain grew so intense that he could not take it anymore.

he was falling into madness so he stabled himself with a fork, he began to regret what he had done and felt that he was being cursed by Aisha.

he went to the police and turned himself in telling them what he and the men had done to Aisha and gave them all of the photos that they had, the man was arrested and was trown into a cell the man eventually died in prison taking his own life because of the headaches.

two days later Aisha was found she was taken to the mortuary where they took her fingerprints and preformed an autopsy, the doctor who carried out the post mortem examination had taken a photo of Aisha.

not long afterward the doctor was found dead, anyone who looked at the Autopsy photos reportedly experienced nightmares severe headaches and shortly after they where found dead also.

Eventually the police destroyed most of her photos, they even tried to keep the case a secret from the public bur rumors of Aisha’s curse began to circulate around Malaysia.

some photos where leaked and posted on the internet and they say that anyone who looks at these photos will encounter the ghost of Aisha in their dreams when they wake up they will experience severe and chronic headaches, the image of Aisha will haunt them no mater where they look Aisha’s picture, will Appear in their vision.

they say you can take steps to avoid Aisha’s curse do not look for her photos online if you accidentally came across them, do not look at her in the eyes, do not send these photos to anyone if you do it will mean certain death for you and them.

the girl in the Photograph

girl in the photograph is either a scary story or a urban legend it goes like this: one day a boy was sitting his class in his school he was bored and was waiting for the school bell to ring , when he looked out the window something had caught his eye it was a photograph laying on the grass outside and when school was over he ran outside and picked it up turning it over he realized it was a picture of a beautiful girl, For some reason she was holding up two fingers the girl was so pretty he wanted to meet her.

he showed the photograph to everyone in the school and asked if they had know her unfortunately nobody recognized the girl in the photo, that night the boy went to bed he placed the photo on his bedside table and went to sleep.

around midnight he had woken up there was something tapping on his window, he then heard giggling, scared now he worked up the courage to investigate it he jumped out of the bed and went over to the window and opened there was nothing there.

the next day he showed the photo to his friends and neighbors and asked if they know the girl in the photo, they all said no they had never seen the girl in their life that night as he lay in his bed heard the tapping sound again.

he looked out the window and could just make out a figure stranding on the other side of the street he couldn’t be sure but it looked like the girl in the photo, Clutching the picture tightly he throw on his clothes and raced downstairs and out the front.

and as he crossed the road he forgot to look both ways and was suddenly hit by a car, the driver got out of his car and ran over to help the boy but it was to late the boy had been killed by the impact.

the driver then noticed something clutched in the boys hand it was a photograph turning it over in his hands the driver realized it was a picture of a beautiful girl and for some reason she was holding up three fingers.

bride and seek/ hide and seek

bride and seek is a urban legend about a young woman who wanted to play a game a party game, hide and seek and they did just that. the young bride went looking for hiding places and found a chest that she thought was a good idea she climbed into it and had shut the lid were it had unfortunately latched shut trapping her inside and was unable to get out. Her family, husband and guests, were unable to find her so it led them to believe she just left, only years later she was found by her family in the attic of their house in that same chest.

some do not know how old this legend is and has been thought to have originated in the 1800s to the 1900s

the coin locker

the coin locker is a Japanese urban legend about a young woman who fell in love with a man

one day a young woman, fell in love with a young man that she loved she thought everything was going well with her relationship.

until one day she find out she was pregnant, she knew she was to young to take care of a child but still had hope she then told her boyfriend only for him to react in rage and anger.

he broke up with the pregnant girl, leaving her to deal with the pregnancy alone, she was afraid of the societal backlash at having her baby so young and not being married and disappointing her family.

she felt helpless her friends eventually started to pick up on how she was acting and began to ask what was wrong, but she still decided to keep it a secrecy and started to wear baggy cloths to help hide her swollen belly until finely the day came where she gave birth in her house.

she gave birth in secret, not even going to the hospital she had looked into her babies beautiful eyes, as that fluttered open top the world around them but no matter how hard she held her child she still had the fear of raising the child on her own.

she begin to think that she needed to get rid of her own child, thinking that it was a burden to her the next morning, she put the baby in a bag and went to a train station looked around at the coin lockers set the baby inside of it and shut the door leaving the baby behind.

on some days she would convince herself, that others did find the baby on others they did not years had passed, she was married again and had not think about what she had done until passing though a train station.

she had spotted a young boy in front of the coin lockers, he was alone and crying others ignoring him.

concerned she walked up to the boy and bent over looking at his teary face, she then asked “what are you doing here alone” are you lost” the boy only continued crying she looked around again and did not see the boys parents. she then asked “where is your mother”.

the boy had suddenly stopped crying and glared at her, the boys eyes burning with anger he replied with hate “it’s you.

a few years the remains of a woman and a baby in a coin locker

the video tape

the video tape is a Japanese urban legend that was said to have inspired the ring

and it goes something like this

Years ago a group of girls all of the best friends during the summer holidays had decided that they wanted to have a sleepover party, and had spent all day planning their sleepover.

Because they were all horror movie fans they decided that they wanted to rent a scary movie, it was late at night when the girls all piled into their car and drove to a local video rental story it was closed, So the girls spent the next hour driving around town looking for a video store that was still open.

Eventually, the girls found one a little shop that was located in a side street and had gone inside.

the girls could not agree on a film to rent, so one of them went over to the woman behind the counter and asked if she had any suggestions.

the woman who worked there told her that she had just the thing for them and disappeared into a black room, while the girls where waiting one of them had noticed a videotape lying on the counter it didn’t have a box cover or a label and it seemed to be dirty and stained.

the girl was curious to see what it was and had reached to pick it up, just then the woman came rushing out of the back room and had slammed her hand down on the tape pulling it away.

with a strange smile on the woman’s face saying “that’s not something you girls should be watching.” then they asked her what it was, the woman only responded by telling them not to touch it and said that it was a home movie then the woman handed them an old horror film and told them that it would be better movie for them to watch.

Eventually the girls agreed to rent the tape the woman had suggested, but while the woman went to the back room searching for the film one of the girls had taken the opportunity to steal the video tape the woman refused to give them and had stuffed it in her purse.

later that night the girls returned home, where the girl that stole the tape took it out of her purse and connived her other friends that they all should watch it. They did just that putting the tape in the video recorder and pressed play.

All of the sudden the power went out and the room, plunged into darkness but strangely the tv was still on with scary imagery with a woman letting out a curse saying anyone watching her death would die in two days,

Two days later the group of girls found dead, they were all burned mysteriously while police were investigating they found a trash can outside of one of the girl’s houses that had been set on fire.

everything, inside was burned all except the cursed video tape.

I don’t know about you, but this terrifying to write and was properly terrifying you to read so enjoy… I guess.

kayako/the legend of kayoko

this urban legend was either inspired from the movie grudge/Ju on, or was the inspiration for the grudge/ju on movies either way it is one of my favorite urban legends.

it goes like this, when kayako was a young girl her parents had neglected her and had spent most of her time feeling depressed and lonely.

she did not have any friends and the other children at her school thought that she was creepy and would make fun of her.

when kayako grew up, she got married to a man named Taeko Saeki she felt like he was the only person in the world who cared about her they lived a happy life together and she gave birth to a little boy named Toshio.

one day, her husband was snooping around their bedroom and had found her diary and when he read it he had become convinced that she was cheating on him and became enraged.

when she had came home from work and went upstairs her husband was waiting for her holding a knife he attacked her, beating her and slashing her right in front of their child Kayako tried to flee but her husband, started chasing her.

covered with blood Kayako slipped fell down and broke her ankle, still desperate for escape she tried to crawl down the stairs but when she reached the front door her husband gripped her head in both his hands twisting it around breaking her neck.

Kayako was still alive but paralyzed, the only sound she could make was a death rattle her husband dragged her upstairs and put her in a plastic bag, and left her in the attic to die.

He then killed their son drowning their son in the bathroom and stuffed him in a closet, and because Kayako died in such pain anguish, and rage, Kayako came back as a vengeful ghost.

she appeared to her husband and straggled him with her hair, he was found lying in the street and the police had thought he had taken his own life.

ever since then, Kayako’s ghost haunts the house in which she died and they say that if you go into the house you will hear Kayako’s death rattle then, you will see her crawling down the stairs covered in blood and rolling her broken neck around with a sickening cracking sound.

gold coins

gold coins is a Spanish urban legend and is one of my favorite urban legends it goes like this

Many years ago in Cordoba Spain, stood a very large house that was owned by one of the most weathlist and most important families in all of Spain.

the family consisted of a man his wife and their daughter and a team of servants and maids that also lived with them in the manor.

one night when the little girl was lying in bed, unable to sleep, she heard some noises in the corridor outside her room. Being a very curious child, she slowly opened the door of her bedroom and looked out into the long, dark corridor.

At the end of the hallway, she could make out a small figure, crouching down. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was surprised to see a young boy, the same age as herself. He was carrying a dim lighted candle in his hand and he was lifting one of the tiles on the tiled floor.

She watched, as the young boy took something out from his pocket and placed it beneath the tile. After he placed the tile back, the boy suddenly vanished into thin air.

The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing, She looked back down the corridor and noticed that one of the maids had been peeking out of her own bedroom door and had witnessed the same scene.

The maid grabbed a candle and came hurrying over to the little girl, They both knew what they had seen. the little boy was a ghost.

Together they cautiously approached the area where the little boy had been crouching, They lifted the tile and discovered a large hole looking down at  the hole  with the dim light of the candle, they noticed something glistening.

The maid then put down the candle carefully beside the tile, she then held it open as she helped lower the little girl into the hole.

Once she reached the bottom, she observed her surroundings The child could not believe what she found It was a pile of gold coins.

Shaking with excitement, she gathered up the coins in one hand. Then, the maid grabbed her by her free hand and pulled her out of the hole. They placed the tile back and it fit perfectly, looking like it had never been touched.

The maid could hardly believe her luck and the child could barely contain her excitement., Both of them decided that they should keep the discovery of gold coins a secret The maid warned the little girl not to mention this to her parents or any of the other servants and maids.

The next night, at the same time, the girl and the maid were peeking out from their bedroom doors, eagerly waiting for the ghostly little boy to appeared They watched as the spectral figure made its way down the corridor, lifted a tile, and placed some gold coins into the hole.

After he disappeared, the maid helped lower the girl into the hole under the tile so that she could retrieve the gold coins.

Night after Night they repeated the same process, It seamed as if the treasure was endless Each time, the girl got down into the hole under the tile and gave the coins to the maid once picked back up, who would later put them into a bag.

One night, as the maid lowered the girl into the hole the candle light began to flicker The maid told the little girl to hurry up, She had to get out of the hole before the candle went out.

Once the little girl was ready, she pulled her out of the hole but at the last moment, a coin fell out from the little girl’s hand. Without thinking, the little girl jolted after the coin. The maid tried to catch her, but in doing so she let go of the tile and it slammed down.

The candle went out.

The air from the tile falling caused the candle to go out The maid began to panic In the darkness, she tried to make her way down the corridor to her bedroom to fetch another candle.

It was pitch black She couldn’t see a thing, She had to feel her way along the wall until she reached her bedroom. Searching desperately in the dark, she was unable to find a candle.

With a lot of difficulty, she made her way down the corridor into the kitchen She rummaged through the drawers and eventually came across another candle. She lit it and quickly returned to the corridor.

To her horror, she realized that she couldn’t remember which tile the child was under In the dim light she searched and searched, prying at each tile but the corridor was so long and wide with many tiles that she was unable to find the right one.

Finally she gave up and clutching the bag of gold coins, she went back to bed.

In the morning, the little girl’s parents woke up to find their daughter missing, They questioned the servants but each one said they had no idea where the little girl could be a complete search of the entire house was organized but nothing was found.

The distraught parents were baffled by their daughter’s mysterious disappearance. The maid decided to keep her mouth shut about what happened that night.

A few days later the mother was crying in her bedroom, when she heard a voice call out. She recognized the voice immediately. It was the voice of her daughter. The little girl was crying out for help.

“Please! Help me! Let me out of here, please!”.

The mother searched the house again Sometimes the screams seemed to come from a certain part of the house, but when she got there, the screams seemed to be coming from a different area of the house Try as they might the parents could not find where the screams was coming from.

The father demolished walls and punched holes in ceilings all in effort to find out where the girl’s cries were coming from, After destroying the interior of the house the parents were forced to accept defeat.

For months they lived in the building, listening to the cries of their beloved daughter, unable to do anything to find her. All of this took its toll on them mentally and physically Eventually, the mother finely lost her mind and committed suicide The father feeling devasted moved from the house and died years later.

it’s said that if you go to the house at night, you can hear the girls plead for help and crying.

sesame seed/cosmetic sesame

sesame seed or cosmetic sesame is one my favorite urban legends it is a Korean urban legend about a girl who is obsessed with beauty there is multiple versions of this legend

one day there was a young girl who was extremely insecure about her looks, she tried anything that would keep her skin looking young and beautiful, one day she heard about a new organic beauty treatment from a friend at her school.

her friend, told her that the treatment of sesame seeds was very good for the skin leaving it smooth and silky the treatment involved mixing sesame seeds in the bathwater and immersing in it for a couple of hours.

when the girl got home that evening she wanted to try it for herself, she filled her bathtub with warm water and sprinkled in a jar of sesame seeds to stimulate her skin hours had passed, and the girl did not leave the bathroom.

her parents started to get worried, but every time her mother knocked on the bathroom door the girl would reply with “wait a minute… wait a minute….” in the end, the mother could no longer contain herself and forced open the bathroom door.

when she peered into the bathroom she was greeted with a horrifying sight, her daughter was sitting in the corner with her body covered in little black dots. the sesame seeds had become stuck in her pores the young girl had a crazed look in her eyes and was frantically trying to pull out the seeds with a toothpick.

Aren’t you glad you did not turn on the lights is about two roommates both friends in a university

the legend involves two college roommates both unnamed, the legend goes like this

Once there were two girls who were best friends in school, and when they went to college they decided to live together and become roommates.

one night, they were staying up late trying to do some last-minute studying for a midterm exam that was scheduled.

one of the girls was quite lazy so she decided to give up studying, and go to bed early while the other girl was a hard worker so she stayed up late because she wanted to do well in the exam.

during the night the girl who stayed up remembered that she had left one of the books she needed in her bedroom she didn’t want to wake her roommate by turning on the light so sneaked into the bedroom and rummaged around looking for the book that she needed.

she heard some heavy breathing and she whispered to her roommate asking if she was ok but there was no answer the girl then heard something moving around in the dark she whispered, can I turn on the bedroom light? there was no answer the girl cleared her throat and asked again can I turn on the bedroom light I need to find something her roommate didn’t respond.

the girl sighed in frustration and continued looking for the book in darkness, Eventually she found it the girl took the book and left the darkroom she had stayed up all night studying.

in the morning she raced down to the exam hall to take her test but she noticed that her roommate was not there nor took the exam. The girl was worried about her friend so when she got, home she rushed upstairs and knocked on her roommate’s door there was no answer the girl was getting nervous at this point so she opened the door and turned on the bedroom light.

she was met with the most horrible sight she had ever seen, her roommate laid motionless sprawled on the top of her bed in a pool of blood and when the girl turned around she saw something that chilled her to the bone written on the wall in blood was the words “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light?

coffin on wheels

coffin on wheels is a Russian urban legend it goes like this

once upon a time there was a little girl she had a mother but one day She was left home alone when suddenly she hears on her radio, girl a coffin on wheels left a cemetery and is looking for your street hide. the girl now scared, doesn’t know what to do she wants to call her mother.

the girl is scared doesn’t know what to do she wants to call her mother, but she hears on the phone “girl girl the coffin on wheels found your street and is looking for your building . the girl is very scared and locks down every door she can she is so scared she is trembling. the radio says again “girl girl coffin on wheels found your budling and is looking for your apartment when the girl’s mother comes home she finds her daughter dead with a wheel in her mouth

single braid road

a girl who had a single traditional Chinese braid was an illegal immigrant traveling with her boyfriend to a university from mainland china to hong kong

the story varies but I will say the version of the legend i have heard the couple was on a train going to their university when unexpectedly, she saw police boarding the same train and checking passports and identification.

the girl who was illegal started to panic not wanting to get in trouble so she tried to jump but her braid got caught in the train’s window frame and as a result, her scalp and face was ripped off. The girl stumbled onto a place called single braid road the next day the police found the girl’s body laid in a pool of blood they cleaned up the mess and that seemed to be the end of it. Her boyfriend saw what happened and decided to continue on the train when he reached his destination he moved on with his life finding a job and never cared to find out what happened to his girl nor tried looking for her, one night a male student was walking along the very same road the woman died on.

he saw a girl standing there she had her back to him and all he could see was the long braid down her back. The man called to her but she did not reply, the student came nearer to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder, that’s when the girl turned around and the boy saw to his horror that the woman had no face, no eyes, no ears, no nose, and no mouth, she disappeared into thin air and they say the girl’s ghost has appeared many times since then but only male students can see her.

Bus 374/the midnight bus/ the bus to fragrant hills,driver%20and%20a%20female%20conductor.,driver%20and%20a%20female%20conductor.

Bus 374 is a chinese urban legend about a true story that happened at 1995

at midnight Bus 375 pulled out of the Yuan ming Yuan bus terminal. This was the last bus of the night, it’s destination was Xiang shan or fragrant hills. Onboard was a driver and a female conductor the night was cold with harsh winds blowing away, The bus stopped at the south gate next to the summer palace when the doors opened four passengers got on.

an old woman, a couple, and a young man, the couple had sat up at the front behind the driver, while the old woman and the boy sat on the other side of the bus beside the doors.

and as the bus drove through the night, all they could hear was the drone of the engine it was a quiet remote area and there were no other vehicles on the road and after a while, the driver spotted two shadows by the side of the road waving at the bus.

the driver stopped, the doors then opened and three more people got on there were two men who were supporting a third man between them, holding him up by his shoulders the man in the middle looked disheveled and his head was bowed so nobody could see his face.

all three were dressed in Qing dynasty robes and their faces were deathly pale, the other passengers on the bus were scared and glanced nervously at each other as the driver pulled off and continued down the road.

the female conductor tried to calm everyone down, by saying “don’t be afraid. they could be just actors shooting a costume drama in the vicinity, maybe they got drunk after work and forgot to change their clothing.

the old woman kept turning around and staring at the three strangers who were seated at the back of the bus There was an eerie silence. None of the passengers said a word all they could hear was the wind whistling outside. After 3 or 4 stops the young couple got off the bus, the bus driver and the female conductor was chatting and laughing,

the old woman, suddenly jumped to her feet, hitting the young man sitting in front of her. She was shouting and making a fuss telling everyone that he had stolen her purse.

the young man stood up and started arguing with her, the old woman gripped him by the collar and demanded that the driver let them off at the next stop so she could turn the young man over to the police station.

the young man was speechless when the bus stopped. The old woman dragged out the young man they watched the bus drive off into the night and the old woman breathed a sigh of relief “where is the police station? the young man asked, there is no police station said the old woman I just saved your life what? how did you save my life?” the young man said, puzzled, Those three people were ghosts!” the old woman replied “Ever since they got on the bus I had my doubts about them, so I kept looking at them it so happened that there was a wind blowing through the window and I saw everything, it lifted their long robes and I saw that they had no legs. The young man stared at the old woman in surprise, he started sweating, he couldn’t say a word the old woman called the police and had told them what she saw the next day, Bus 375 failed to report to the station it vanished along with the driver and the female conductor, The police searched the entire city but could not find any trace of the missing bus. They questioned the old woman and the young man but they dismissed their story and decided that they were both mentally ill. That night the Beijing evening news and the beijing news reported on the story, The old woman and the young man were both interviewed on tv. Two days later the police Eventually found the missing bus, it was submerged in the miyun reservoir about 100KM from Fragrant hills. Inside the bus, they discovered three badly decomposed bodies, the bus driver the female conductor, and an unidentified man.

the bride of karsaz

According to the legend, a young couple in the 1970s was driving home on their wedding night on a stretch of dalmia road in between karsaz and Gulistan E johar, the newlywed husband was tired and as a result, he fell asleep at the wheel at first it just seemed like a tragic accident.

ever since then, people have reported seeing sightings of a bride in a red dress. She comes to drivers whose vehicles mysteriously stop on the road at night presumably reliving her last moments on the road as she tried to help her dying husband. Legend also says, that the bride asks you for a ride and if you stop to look at her face she will morph into something terrifying and evil.

the water babies

the water babies is a native American urban legend and is about a creature that is known as a water baby, it can mimic the cries of a young infant they are said to look like a beautiful child and or have mermaid-like features. You should never go near the water. these water babies were the spirits of drowning children who target others out of vengeance. If you try to pick up a water baby or try to save them it’s said that the water baby will try and drown you or tragedy will follow you. It’s even said that the cry of a water baby can be an omen of death.

the seventh son/the seventh son of a seventh son

is a Mexican urban legend and is one of my favorites, it is about a boy with magic powers and is feared by everyone in his village.

it goes like this

in a rural area near Toledo, Mexico there was a small village where one of the most tales of terror ever told took place, this is the story of a child called Fedrico who lived in Mexico in the 19th century.

Federico was the seventh son in his family and was the seventh son of a seventh son. everybody in the village knows that this child was endowed with occult like powers, they say that he had the gift of second sight and was able to predict the future. He also had healing hands and was able to cure anyone of any ailment. The boy was quiet and shy, but all the other kids treated him like he was a monster and the villagers were terrified of him and refused to have anything to do with Federico.

one dark night the elders of the village got together and held a meeting, they discussed what should be done about the boy they decided that he was too dangerous and had to be gotten rid of so they made a plan to murder the boy and destroy his body because they believed this was the only way that they could protect the village.

the elders persuaded the boy to come with them and led him to an abandoned remote shack in the woods. When the boy’s back was turned the men pounced on him, bound him, in a satanic ritual, they stripped him of his clothing and hung him from the roof, and lowered the boy’s body in a vat of boiling oil while he was still alive and screaming in pain.

they gouged out his eyes and hacked his body to pieces, they put the chunks of the boy’s flesh and bone in a wooden barrel and dumped it into a river. The men then returned home that night feeling satisfied with their deeds unremorseful.

the next day when some villagers went to visit the house of one of the elders knocked on the door but got no reply, they then decided to enter the elder’s house, what they found inside almost made their blood freeze in their veins.

the old man lay dead on the ground his eyes were gouged out and was resting on his chest and his head had been crushed his hands, and feet had been chopped off, there was also a message written on the ground in his blood. It read “innocent blood had been spilled now the guilty must die.” after that, all of the elders who participated in the brutal murder of the boy begin turning up dead their bodies mutilated and dismembered the same as they had done to the boy Federico.

When the gruesome and bloody remains of the last man were discovered, the villagers found a message written in blood, it read “now I have been avenged. the guilty have paid their debt,”.

the 7th-barn

the 7th-barn is a Ohioan urban legend and it goes something like this

once there was a wealthy farmer who owned a lot of land in Ohio. He built a new barn on his property every time his wife had a baby and would name the barns after each of their children, he was expecting a seventh child however the farmer’s wife died in childbirth and so did their unborn child. The farmer overcame with grief at the loss, could no longer find the will to tend to the farm.

the family soon ran out of money and the farm started going under. One night in the depths of his madness and despair the farmer took an Axe and led all of his children out to the barns where he murdered them one by one. He then buried each of their bodies in the six barns that had been named after them. Then the farmer went to the 7th barn and hug himself eventually all of the barns were torn down and the land was sold off all except for the 7th barn as nobody wanted to buy the land because of what had happened there so it was abandoned and fell into disrepair and no one could find the seventh barn.

that is until 1997 when a local Ohioan teacher claimed that he had found the 7th barn. According to the teacher he said that none of the barns had ever actually been torn down the land there had just been divided up and sold off and the barns had simply been incorporated into neighboring farms he was able to pinpoint the correct location because of all of the barns of the neighboring properties had nameplates above their doors with the names of the children engraved on them. The teacher and his son set out the night to visit the barn bringing a video camera with them in the hopes of capturing some paranormal activity. The next morning the teacher’s wife reported that her husband and son was missing the police found their car abandoned by a roadside while searching the area they entered a barn in a nearby field, they found the dead bodies of the teacher and son hanging from the rafters.

they say that if you go to the barn at night, you can see the ghost of the farmer hanging from the rafters his body swaying back and forth in the wind.

they also say that the farmer is vengeful and if he catches you, he will kill you in the same way he killed himself.

good luck sleeping tonight 🙂

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