jewelry to buy that will add more style to your already stylish hijab

tired of the same old jewelry that you seem to wear all the time? feel like it does not give enough Spice to your look? well here are some online jewelry stores that will give life to your jewelry box and add more sizzle to your outfit and hijab

People in this country wear veils to protect them from the sun. | Beautiful  hijab, Hijab fashion, Hijabi fashion


Studiokassa is a Indian online jewelry store Kassa means ‘House of two’, and was started by two contemporary artists Aarushi’s Masters from MICA  and Arpan’s Masters from the University of Arts London in Product Design https://studiokassa.com/about-us/

artizara was founded by Sarah Ansari and they provide beautiful Islamic jewelry modest fashion and art (https://www.artizara.com/pages/our-story)


they provide home décor and jewelry


aditibhatt creates beautiful handmade jewelry that is colorful fresh and beautiful Aditi Bhatt the founder of the website takes take inspiration from art, architechture, , nature and normal everyday objects


quirksmith is an Indian online store and was created by Divya and Pragya they create sliver pieces that incorporate’s stones and old coins


riddhika is an online jewelry store and is India’s first sustainable 3D printed riddhika creates statement jewelry pieces with semi-precious stones, metals, acrylic


tribeamrapali is Indian online jewelry store that provides beautiful unique and modern handmade jewelry


caratlane is an online Indian jewelry store and sells beautiful jewelry that will make anyone say i must buy now!


bhavyaramesh is an Indian online jewelry store that was founded by Bhavya Ramesh who is a naturalist and a bohemian and is a self-taught Jewelry Designer bhavyaramesh provides beautiful jewelry pieces that is influenced by banjara culture (https://bhavyaramesh.com/pages/about-us)



Utsavfashion is an online store that provides authentic and trendy ethnic fashion and unique jewelry that will be sure to make you stand out in a room


sunbula is a non-prophet organization that was founded in 1988 it is guaranteed fair trade and is a Jerusalem/القُدس ‎based it is a platform that supports marginalized women and communities in the west bank Gaza strip and Palestinian communities within Israel though traditional artisan crafts


nominalx.com deals in Islamic religious jewelry and they would be a great adution

ArabellaByMansour is an online store that sells jewelry, and accessories that positively depicts famous POCs and marginalized communities. lets go on down and buys our self’s a nice set of earrings shall we

PalestinianKrafts is a online store that is based in new York US and their products comes from Palestine. PalestinianKrafts that provides beautiful Palestinian jewelry i don’t know about you but i would love to buy a dangly pair Palestinian coin earrings


shoppalestine mecca or The Middle East Children’s Alliance was founded by Barbara Lubin and Howard Levine in 1988 after Barbara returned from her first trip to Palestine and Israel at the beginning of the first Intifada. Barbara had witnessed the grave injustice, poverty, and violence of the Israeli occupation paid for with US tax dollars. Both she and Howard decided to speak out about what was happening to Palestinian children and also to raise money for projects in the West Bank and Gaza that would help make life a little bit better for children there. (https://www.shoppalestine.org/aboutus.asp)

WearThePeaceClothing is based in Chicago Illinois they sell jewelry and clothing and any purchase you make are donated to help refugees

PalestinianMadeUS is an online store based in Mahopac, New York and is partnered with refugee artisans in the West Bank PalestinianMadeUS sells delicate handicrafts embroidered jewelry, and apparel PalestinianMadeUS supports the economic empowerment of marginalized people and refugees and works to preserve Palestinian artisanal heritage

FromPalestineToYou is a online store that provides Palestinian jewelry to customers

SilverCinnamon is a online store and is based in Melbourne, Australia thet provide apparel and beautifully made jewelry


the gorjana jewelry brand is said by them to be Inspired by the beauty of Southern California their jewelry encompasses a modern look fit for anyone


OttavaDesign is a online store that is based in Etowah, Tennessee us and provides unique jewelry that uses acrylic wood and metal


electric-bazaar.com/jewellery is a Muslim owned small business and deals in an ethical fashion they are based in north west England and was founded in July 2017 by Shamima and Alicya who are both of South Asian heritage they make in house products which are Muslim friendly and incorporates embroidery styles and handicrafts of different parts of Pakistan


sensationaljewel is an online store that is based in bursa turkey and sells handmade Islamic jewelry calligraphy designs and personalized name necklaces

IslamicBazaar is a online esty store that is based in Istanbul turkey they sell everyday Islamic products, fashion, and jewelry. why not check them out and get a Zulfiqar necklace why your at it


yesstyle is a south korean online store that sells international beauty products and fashion


Kooding is a south korean brand online store and will look amazing to go with your next Kpop inspired outfit hijab or niqab



IslamicProductsStore is based in UK United Kingdom and has multable stores

IslamicProductsStore provides beautifully handmade jewelry home décor, Tasbih , healing bowls, car hangings magnet stickers etc. hop on over and get yourself some new Tasbih




Islamicbay is an online store that is based in Birmingham, UK Islamicbay that provides customers with beautiful Islamic jewelry ,wall decals, wall art and frames.


modanisa is a turky based online store that deals in jewelry clothing etc

herafiyat is an online esty store that is based in Beirut Lebanon and makes unique beautiful jewelry hop on over and treat your self to a nice chunky choker


AlcazartEthnic is based in Paris France and sells fashion and jewelry


ARTSMYRNA operates 3 stores in Bangkok,İzmir, and New Jersey. ARTSMYRNA is an online that makes handmade jewelry made of natural materials precious stones and sterling silver and is inspired by architecture space and people


LakaLuka is based inXánthi, Greece and provides Unique Handmade jewelry gustbooks and door stoppers


divinejewelries is a online store based in Wheaton, Illinois. they provide beautiful Islamic jewelry CDS wall hangings, car hangings, miswaks, and key chains. i myself am a big fan of the store and have recently bought myself a beautiful Islamic tapestry with the name of prophet Mohammed may peace be upon him. so why not treat yourself to a beautiful ayatul kursi bracelet


KURSIJEWELLERY is an online store that has multiple stores and locations and is ran by Tugba Tugce Aydinli, and Turkan Adatepe I myself have been loyal customers of theirs. they provide beautifully handcrafted jewelry, unique home decor, car hangings tasbih and multi-language Qurans trust me you will not be despondent with their service. no matter if it is a gift to yourself or a gift to a Muslim or nonmuslim family member they are sure to love it

— https://www.etsy.com/shop/SOOPHIESILVER
— https://www.etsy.com/shop/KURSIJEWELLERY


jewelry to make your Abaya or semi formal Muslimah friendly dress stand out in the room

from Mughal-E-Azam

are you tired of wearing your same old outfit?, wearing it either to semi formal or formal events, family gatherings, or at the masjid/mosque for holidays and feeling like it is not cute or stunning enough.

well, here is my list of things that can help make whatever your stand out by just using these simple piece of jewelry.


Hooped earrings or jhumka hoops Would look beautiful paired with your abaya or your semi formal dress for any occasion

I have worn hoops personally with hijabi friendly outfits which earned me non stop complements, trust me hoops make the outfit pop and will add style to it.





Dangle ring

A dangle  ring or charm ring would look beautiful with your beautiful abaya dress



bracelets that are either Charm, coin or bracelets that Dangles would look amazing and add style to your outfit specially If they are layered, I love layering my bracelets and is mostly how I wear them




hand flower/ring bracelet/kuchi ring bracelet

I sometimes wear one on Islamic holidays, they not only fun to wear but look beautiful too.






A Necklace can add flare to your dress, A coin, cameo, or heart, necklace would also look very cute








a choker can look very pretty or cute depending on what your aiming for and for more of effect you could wear a choker with a long necklace I myself often go for this type of layered style








Page 6 - Woman Wearing Gold Necklace High Resolution Stock Photography and  Images - Alamy

how did you feel about this list did you agree with it or not what where your thoughts after reading this list comment down below

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I have long been questioning my own sexuality lately I have made friends in LGBTQ spaces 🏳️‍🌈 they have really helped me come out of my shell more and show and express more interest in bisexuality it has helped me a lot to be more open about my feelings and my self-questioning and as such I will be making more bisexual themed content for my Instagram and I hope you feel welcome

organizations you can help support

Native Women’s Wilderness 


Native Women’s Wilderness  is an organization whose mission is to inspire and raise the voices of Native Women




 is a British charity and advocacy organization that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse youth



H4HGaza charity and store H4HGaza charity and store  hands 4 humanity is a team Working in gaza who help poor and marginalized families in Gaza and is currently focusing on raizing funds to help poor patients and handicap



Yazda is a multi-national Yazidi global organization established in the aftermath of the Yazidi Genocide in 2014, to support Yazidi people an ethnoreligious group around the world

The Uyghur Human Rights


The Uyghur Human Rights Project promotes the rights of the Uyghurs and other Turkic people in East Turkistan/xianxing

Team Humanity – Gaza, Palestine,🇵🇸🌷


crisis aid.


crisis aid is a registered charity in England and Wales that works to provide relief for individuals who need it must in the world

Handmade Palestine


Handmade Palestine is made up of artisans Palestinian who bring us handicrafts of love and also aims to protect the natural beauty of Palestine

islamophobia and its effects on society needs to be taken seriously

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hello everyone today I wanted to share my college paper on islamophobia I did in my sophomore year i tried to keep as much of my original written in tacked while editing some parts to polish it up so as to speak enjoy please enjoy and support this blog

written by Emerald Jae Stowe

written on 11/8/2020

updated 12/18/2021 by emerald Jae Stowe

Islamophobia and its Effects on Society needs to be Taken Seriously

     We are told Islamophobia does not exist, even though the effects of this kind of discrimination is felt in mass by Muslims and non-Muslims. Due to the biased images of Muslims in media and in the minds of religious and racist bigots.

The term Islamophobia is defined as an irrational fear of Muslims or discriminatory actions towards Islam or Muslims.

     A couple of my own personal encounters of Islamophobia is that I have been passed up on jobs since I have worn my Hijab, even though I have 8 years of work experience since I was a teenager and have been told that I have a good history and that I work hard. I have been being called a terrorist for what I choose to wear and the religion I follow.

Islamophobia has serious effects on hate crimes, health issues, communities, and stereotyping.

     The study’s ‘statistics and social and medical reports of Islamophobia are quite worrisome, especially as targets of this kind of discrimination. According to anti-Muslim hate crimes, FBI statistics show a real problem for Muslims in the US. Hate crimes against Muslims have jumped in the years after 2001 going from previously 28 to 481 anti-Muslim incidents that happened that year alone. Hate crimes against American Muslims have become the second-highest reported after anti-semitic hate crimes. (https://www.pri.org/stories/)

Hate crimes resulting from Islamophobia are defined by Careviewservices. comas threats, bullying, verbal abuse, cyberbullying, and physical assault.

     Studies have found a variety of health and physical problems that are linked to Islamophobia.

According to Samari, Goleen’s article Islamophobia and Public Health in the United States

“A 2015 review by Paradies et al.26 found that everyday experiences of discrimination are also associated with a wide variety of physical and mental health outcomes, such as coronary artery calcification, high levels of C-reactive protein, high blood pressure, giving birth to low-birth-weight infants, cognitive impairment, poor sleep, visceral fat, depression, psychological distress, anxiety” (4)

     Anxiety can be felt when a person may be made to feel belittled or stigmatized for their religion. A person can simply feel anxiety when asked a simple question about Islam. A person can feel sudden anxiety and fear on whether or not they will be attacked verbally or physically just for their religion.

     Depression is linked to Islamophobia as it stems from the feeling of alienation and the feeling of being labeled different. It can mentally drain you and make you feel there is no point in socializing or making friends. This could possibly lead to self-negative thoughts that create a feeling of self-inadequacy.

     According to Jeff Levin, L Ellen Adler, “Religious discrimination targeting Muslims is significantly associated with poor physical and mental health outcomes, including greater psychological distress; more depressive symptoms; higher levels of fear, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder; more self-harm; lower self-esteem.” (1-2)

Low self-esteem can be felt when one feels constantly overwhelmed with a lack of confidence in everyday life. When others challenge your right to exist on the basis of one’s religion or being bullied or worn down emotionally from constant Islamophobic rhetoric.

     The effect of post-traumatic stress is linked to Islamophobia according to various studies and can be a serious side effect. Post-traumatic stress can happen after enduring situations of physical or verbal assault for one’s religion, accompanied by a feeling of being ashamed. The shock and fear create a feeling of anxiety for Muslims in America. Those in the targeted community are constantly worrying if others see them as a threat or if they will be verbally attacked for their faith or socially shut out by a majority in this country.

     Social withdrawal is also one of the problems that are linked with Islamophobia according to Rebecca A. Clay’s article   “the behavioral, social and psychological change and stress that people experience when they encounter a different culture,” explains Anisa N. Goforth, Ph.D., at the University of Montana. She found that first- and second-generation Muslim Arab Americans ages 11 to 18 who experienced acculturative stress were more likely to be withdrawn, sad, and depressed.  (3)

The side effect of Social withdrawal due to Islamophobia from studies, is valid and factual. It leaves a person going through it thinking that there is no point in being social with others. There is the suspicion of being attacked for one’s religion, and which gets in the way of one’s own quality of life living in fear of others. How they view you is not healthy.

     There are not just health implications from Islamophobia, there is also stereotyping that goes along with it that stems from Islamophobic fears and racism.

Stereotypes play a large role in the Islamophobic targeting and the perception of Muslims and Islam as a whole.  The effect of Islamophobic stereotypes like health problems is a real present threat.

     Rebecca A. Clay says it perfectly, her analyses of Islamophobia are good and proves the point that Islamophobia is a real problem, among the many other elements of Islamophobia.

According to Rebecca A. Clay’s article “Muslim men get stereotyped as terrorists, violent and criminal,” says Nadal. For Muslim women, the most common stereotype is that they lack control over their own lives” (3)

     The constant stereotyping of Muslims in everyday life in America only serves to hinder the ability to communicate due to false stereotypes from media coverages and movies. That is reinforcing our ideas of what Muslim women are and are not and most of the time it lacks humanity and is racist.

It could occur in any normal everyday situations for looking to much like the “enemy” Muslims in this country have been stereotyped. To stereotype means to dehumanize the targeted group that others see as the enemy. This keeps all of us in a perpetual state of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

     Another negative side of Islamophobia that is not touched on enough, is the stigmatization of an entire community of people, whether they are Muslims or not.

Media coverage and other media outlets reinforce the Islamophobic stereotype of the oppressed Muslim woman and the message that Islam is a bigoted sexist religion.

     Research has shown that the representation of Muslim women in western media is negatively racist and stereotypical after 9/11. (Poynting and Noble (2004) “found that women had experienced racism, abuse, or violence since 11 September 2001 more than men” (5)

     According to Iman Awan Irene Zempi article (The affinity between online and offline anti-Muslim hate crime: Dynamics and impacts)

Muslims are assigned in western media the role of the “enemy” so much that American Muslims do not have their own separate identity, only the face of terror that is assigned to them by the media and bigots at large.

 In this case “the enemy Muslim” makes the black and white world of the dangerous Muslim terrorist whom you need to defend yourself against. It grants others the permission to be aggressive towards Muslims just based on appearance alone.

     With everything that is reported, the much darker side of this form of hate is still not truly discussed enough. The ever-present threat of physical violence or murder that could be committed against Muslims and non-Muslims alike for being perceived as Muslim due to Islamophobia. 

     The tragic case of Khalil Jabara proves this occurrence of non-Muslims being mistaken for being Muslim and killed in 2016. Khalil Jabara was murdered on his front doorstep by a man called

Stanley Vernon Majors for being perceived as a Muslim by the shooter, when he was in fact a Lebanese Christian man. According to Michael E miller’s “Man’s ‘unusual fixation’ with Lebanese neighbors led to the killing, Tulsa police say.”  (1)

     The case of Khalid Jabara is not an isolated one. There was also the case of Balbir Singh Sodhi a Sikh American man who was shot in a gas station by Frank Silva Roque. Balbir was racially profiled and mistaken for an Arab Muslim.  Roque, like Majors, had a history of hating Muslim minorities and immigrants.

     Islamophobia is not fake. It is real and has deadly societal effects, which need to be addressed for the hate it is.

     Islamophobia only tends to deepen the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims. It needs to be challenged and confronted immediately, unfortunately tackling and fighting back against situations like these is not the easiest thing to do. Stereotypes reinforce the American Islamic community being the “other” in the eyes of America. This creates the needless and harmful Us versus Them mentality. This is not healthy for the victim that this is used against nor the aggressor that feels that they need to defend themselves constantly against the perceived enemy. This only creates situations of violence, verbal attacks, and creates more cases like Khalid Jabara and Balbir Singh Sodhi.

     American Muslims and other minorities should not have to live with fear and feel like an outsider in their own country just because of their race/religion, which most American Muslims often do. The problem of Islamophobia needs to be discussed openly and freely without the negative input of those who do not believe.

     Hopefully, one of these days, more in-depth analysis and studies of this horrific effect and cases will be put at the forefront of the public’s mind. More action and awareness can be done about this kind of discrimination.

     I have hope of change. People are already changing minds and progressing the conversation of Islamophobia and why it is deadly.

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Accessed October 2020

organizations you can help support

Native Women’s Wilderness 


Native Women’s Wilderness  is an organization whose mission is to inspire and raise the voices of Native Women



 is a British charity and advocacy organization that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse youth



H4HGaza charity and store H4HGaza charity and store  hands 4 humanity is a team Working in gaza who help poor and marginalized families in Gaza and is currently focusing on raizing funds to help poor patients and handicap



Yazda is a multi-national Yazidi global organization established in the aftermath of the Yazidi Genocide in 2014, to support Yazidi people an ethnoreligious group around the world

The Uyghur Human Rights

The Uyghur Human Rights Project promotes the rights of the Uyghurs and other Turkic people in East Turkistan/xianxing

Team Humanity – Gaza, Palestine,🇵🇸🌷


crisis aid.

crisis aid is a registered charity in England and Wales that works to provide relief for individuals who need it must in the world

Handmade Palestine


Handmade Palestine is made up of artisans Palestinian who bring us handicrafts of love and also aims to protect the natural beauty of Palestine

we need to address The misunderstanding and the misuse of the Arabic Islamic phrase’s and ideology

Opinion by Amuslimswomensblog

July 7, 2021, at 9:42 p.m.

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As a Muslim woman, I almost routinely hear the word jihad casually and politically thrown about then afterward Muslims are expected to explain why it’s used and who is using it.

Jihad is often misused by Islamophobe’s and non-Arabic speakers alike, the word jihad is known in Arabic as effort or striving, as in the effort jihad to be a better person or jihad struggle to be a better Muslim and these important contexts are all but forgotten in the name of hate

The Holy Quran describes three types of jihads and none of them have anything to do with what non-Muslims equate with…. terrorism.

The different often ignored types of include, include a jihad against yourself, a jihad against Satan, which also are called greater jihads,I had jihad against an open enemy, or rival or a physical struggle or ‘holy war’ in defense of isam,alsoe also known as lesser jiha.

The problem with translating a text if you are not a native- born speaker of it, you run the risk of Mistranslation, such is what happened with jihad. Commonly misunderstood, stripped of its meanings and contexts.

Another example I want to give, besides jihad, is also with the infamous Islamophobic 72 virgin’s argument to hate Islam. It is a misguided belief held by some that when reaching Jannah, it is said you would be rewarded with 72 virgins. This is also believed to be false due to a Mistranslation of the word  virgin.There are also other interpretations  as said in the hadith Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1663 Narrated by Al-Miqdam bin Ma’diykarib:the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “There are six things with Allah for the martyr. He is forgiven with the first flow of blood (he suffers), he is shown his place in Paradise, he is protected from punishment in the grave, secured from the greatest terror, the crown of dignity is placed upon his head – and its gems are better than the world and what is in it – he is married to seventy-two wives along Al-Huril-‘Ayn of Paradise, and he may intercede for seventy of his close relatives.”

[Abu ‘Eisa said:] This Hadith is Hasan Sahih.

Al hur al ayn is also known as mermaid. Even then It doesn’t say “who die on jihad get it,” it says the shahiid, or martyr, as Narrated by Abu Huraira: Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Five are regarded as martyrs: They are those who die because of plague, abdominal disease, drowning or a falling building, etc., and the martyrs in Allah’s Cause.”

Sa’id bin Zaid bin ‘Amr bin Nufail (May Allah be pleased with him) reported, one of the ten Companions who were given the glad tidings of entering Jannah reported.

I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying: “He who dies while defending his property is a martyr; he who dies in defense of his own life is a martyr; and he who dies on the defense of his faith is a martyr, he who dies in defense of his family is a martyr.”

These are also considered to be shahiids, or martyrs, even they did not die in violence nor battle.

So to those who use the Islamophobic argument or misuse jihad purposefully fully knowing the damage, it does to Muslims like me why are we expected to explain this rather than you educating yourself and not doing microaggressions towards us Muslims?

sources used for this blog







organizations you can help support

Native Women’s Wilderness 


Native Women’s Wilderness  is an organization whose mission is to inspire and raise the voices of Native Women



 is a British charity and advocacy organization that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse youth



H4HGaza charity and store H4HGaza charity and store  hands 4 humanity is a team Working in gaza who help poor and marginalized families in Gaza and is currently focusing on raizing funds to help poor patients and handicap



Yazda is a multi-national Yazidi global organization established in the aftermath of the Yazidi Genocide in 2014, to support the Yazidi ethno-religious minority

The Uyghur Human Rights

The Uyghur Human Rights Project promotes the rights of the Uyghurs and other Turkic people in East Turkistan/xianxing

Team Humanity – Gaza, Palestine,🇵🇸🌷


crisis aid.

crisis aid is a registered charity in England and Wales that works to provide relief for individuals who need it must in the world

Handmade Palestine


Handmade Palestine is made up of artisans Palestinian who bring us handicrafts of love and also aim’s to protect the natural beauty of Palestine

“I am tired of talking about Islamic terrorism in America here’s why”.

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In the social climate of America, White supremacists and Nazis groups are an often-ignored threat in the United States, even though they tend to pose a bigger than international “Islamic” terrorism. With the likelihood of International terrorism happening in the U.S is unlikely, according to experts on this subject, the U.S. does not take homegrown White supremacist terrorists, Nazi groups, and far-right extremists seriously as if this, not a social and political threat. America still focus on unlikely occurring terrorist threats. Even when January 6th happened and the rioters there that day, most of whom WERE homegrown terrorists, were ready to take the lives of the Capital police. journalists, and American politicians. The January 6th rioters were and are still given a slap s on the wrist and a wag of the finger. They were called tourists, who became a little too rowdy, not a “real” threat or saviors of the country, who should be honored not a “real “threat like black and brown people.  

It seems right-wing Christian straight white cis people are allowed to do domestic terrorism and get away with it.  While minorities in the U.S do not seem to have this privilege, they are still silenced. They are constantly under siege by police brutality, racism, classism islamophobia, and xenophobia. Uplifting the mentality that poor, racial, and religious minorities here and abroad should be heavily punished with deadly force and violence for simply existing.

I was once a semi-secret Muslim

Hello everyone I am back from my break. This is my experience I wanted to write about, I have been working on bringing this to you enjoy.

I was once regretfully a semi-secret Muslim, I was afraid of social consequences and how my friends would react to it. I began to become envious of my coworkers friends and family, who could openly talk about their religion with happiness and without fear. I remember in the break room filled with crafts, I wanted to make a card saying Salam I am Muslim but I threw it away out of fear of how they would react. While I did wear my hijab out, I did not wear it to work nor formal important events. I was what others would call a half hijab not by complete choice though, it was out of familial pressure and self-doubt and fear that stopped me. I one day found an episode of Muslim & American on YouTube, a story that I was drawn to. The story of Aisha Rawji, an advertising professional in Manhattan, who took a stand against Islamophobia. This episode resonated so much with me. I felt that I was not alone with Aisha Rawji story out there, only after finding so many stories of ignored fears of Muslim people. I could not take it anymore and told my friends and coworkers that I was Muslim, they had thankfully accepted me I began to wear my my beloved crown fulltime but even though I am much happier, I was still having fears of social and economic reproductions and still feared some harassment for my choice. It took me a long time to tell others that I was Muslim. I felt that I was not alone with Aisha Rawji story out there. My family and close friends are still scared for me when I wear hijab and modest Muslim clothing, but I don’t blame them. They do not want me to be a target because of all of the stress and trauma, this tends to bring. I still do feel a bit like an outsider, but it makes me more determined to fight for our Muslim brother and sisters that are in hiding. We must give them our support during their jihad, struggle. If you are a secret Muslim reading this, you are not alone. For resources on Islam and islamophobia see https://amuslimwomansblog.com/home/resource-page/ and if you have any questions or need connections to our  Islamic community do not hesitate to reach out.

written by amuslimwomansblog July 7, 2021, at 9:42 p.m.

resources that were used for this post

in this is an episode of Muslim & American the episode follows Aisha Rawji, an advertising professional in Manhattan who is taking a stand against islamophobia

other helpful resources on this topic




wonderful organizations you can help support

Native Women’s Wilderness 


Native Women’s Wilderness is an organization whose mission is to inspire and raise the voices of Native Women


Mermaids is a British charity and advocacy organization that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse youth



H4HGaza is a charity team Working in Gaza that help poor and marginalized families in Gaza and is currently focusing on raising funds to help poor patients and handicap



Yazda is a multi-national Yazidi global organization established in the aftermath of the Yazidi Genocide in 2014, to support the Yazidi ethnoreligious minority

The Uyghur Human Rights

The Uyghur Human Rights Project promotes the rights of the Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim peoples in East Turkistan/Xinxiang

crisis aid.

crisis aid is a registered charity in England and Wales that works to provide relief for individuals around the world



HandmadePalestine is made up of Palestinian artists who work to bring us beautiful handicrafts of love HandmadePalestine not only works to provide much needed financial assistance but also aims to protect the natural beauty of falasteen

Creepypastas That Will Fuel Your Nightmares

hello everyone I am taking a break though for a little bit to refresh my mind and bring you better content

use the code muslimwoman for20% percent off a purchase at https://www.etsy.com/shop/IslamicProductsStore.

I don’t know about you but every now and then I love to reflect and go back to my favorite classic internet creepypastas so I decided to make a list so everyone can enjoy curl up with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy.

1.smile dog

Smile Dog is also known smile.jpg is said to be a cursed image that date’s back to the early days of the internet, the image of smile dog is said to drive those who view it insane, with the image never leaving it’s victims mind

read this story at link down below


YouTube narration of Smile Dog

2.the expressionless

in the 1970s a strange women comes into sinai hispotica blooded and expressionless face

YouTube narration of the expressionless

a short youtube flim based on this creepy pasta

links for reading story down below enjoy : )


3.the NoEnd_House

NoEnd_House creepypasta is about a man David taking up to challenge of reaching the end of the no end house for money though it may not be worth

links for reading this creepy pasta is linked down below




YouTube narration of creepy pasta NoEnd_House creepy pasta

4.Mr. Widemouth


Mr. Widemouth is a creepy pasta about a boy who finds an unusual creature in his home

YouTube narration of Mr. Widemouth

6.blood money

this blood-chilling creepypasta follows a family conflicted about its past in WW2 era Germany

you can read and experience this blood-curdling creepy pasta at https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Blood_Money

7. The Doughboy – The Ghost of the Great War

The Doughboy – The Ghost of the Great War is an unsettling creepypasta that features ww1 ghosts of the past standing guard in the Argonne Forest in France

YouTube narration of The Doughboy – The Ghost of the Great War


9.”300 Years Of Heaven Was a Punishment”

this nightmarish creepypasta follows the main character Nathan, who came back to the living after living in Heaven for 300 years.

YouTube narration of creepy pasta


10. the tale of king Ramses

the tale of king Ramses is creepypasta on courage the cowardly dog episode titled the curse of king Rameses

read this creepy creepypasta at https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/The_Tale_of_King_Ramses

creepy pasta narration of the tale of king Ramses

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I have come to view the turban hijab style in a different light and here is why

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This will be a short blog post about my feelings regarding the fashion box, that I and many others are placed in.

As a Muslim woman, I have tried to wear all manner of head covering not just the traditional hijab such as a khimar, a turban style hijab, a dupatta, a chador,  and as of late I have been considering trying out the Niqābi style of the cover. “Hmm what is that, I think I hear the faint sounds of Islamophobic heads exploding right now”.

Recently, however, I have come to view the turban style hijab in a different way after being pressured to wear it to present myself as the “cool modern hijabi girl” as somehow this style seems to be viewed by some to be more acceptable, more palatable than a hijab niqab or burka.

Initially what had started this thought was the story of Halima Aden, other Muslim models, and my own Islamophobic experiences. In a few of my jobs  I was expected to wear the turban that would sometimes make me a bit late as I had to use multiple pins and a hair ties and make sure I had all of my hair covered.

I was pressured a lot to wear it and to appear modern and cool and to wear what the new modern Muslim woman would wear, and that is sadly why have come to view the turban style as more socially acceptable and palatable than the Islamically traditional modest hijab.

My suggestions of just wearing a two-piece al Amira hijab for convince and more comfortable work attire that would not require pins nor hair ties was ignored all for the sake of looking “semi-normal and modern.” It may not be intentionally that way, it is how it comes off.

There were times where people would just call what I was wearing a niqab or a burka. When I was wearing a hijab and it is that box which has led me to just give up wanting to be the cool, stylish, modern Hijabi. No matter what we wear turban, niqab, burka, chador, we are all still Muslim woman who choose to cover our hair , we will still be viewed through Islamophobic, racist, xenophobic, and classist narrowed lenses. While I do still love turban styles that allow me to experiment with fashion, wear my quirky earrings and chokers. My own experiences and that of others has changed my mind a bit on them.

face masks to stay safe and show off pride in your Muslimness

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Vector illustration of a cute Arab , Muslim family characters wearing mask isolated on white background

I don’t know about you but what I like to do is find a beautiful Muslim-friendly face mask to match my hijab that will shake off the haters and here are just the shops to find them in!

Esty shops for face masks

Bedouin heritage is an online store that is based in Bethany, Palestine. Bedouin heritage store provides beautiful and unique Bedouin clothing and face masks


PalestinianMadeUS is based in Mahopac, New York and provides clothing and beautiful embroidered face masks


craftsaurmore is based in North Chicago, Illinois, they provide kitchen Accessories, mugs, apparel, and face mask.

Tribalogy is based in Amman, Jordans, and provides customers with home décor, bags, ornaments, and face masks.


eclecticsoulboutiq is a online store based in Tampa, Florida. they provide customers with face masks, mugs, accessories pouch’s, umbrellas and notebooks.

falahiTouch is a online store and sells beauitful keffiyeh face masks

BlueCanaryQuilts is based in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina, and makes beautiful handmade beautiful masks

AhlanDesign is based in Virginia, United States and sells apparel, stickers, ,magnets, custom gifts, home décor, and home masks.

TheMadRabbitHouse is a online store based in hazleton and provides customers with face masks



Asfurah is based in Sacramento, California. makes Muslim-friendly apparel and beautiful and unique face masks.

zazzle shops for islamic face masks







teepublic Islamic face masks








handmade in Palestine


HandmadePalestine works to bring the best of Palestinian handicrafts to it’s customers, they work to showcase more than 25 talented artisans, cooperatives & designers from Palestine, works to support fair trade artisans  and sells Palestinian handicrafts to raise money for causes like Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children. (https://handmadepalestine.com/pages/about-us)

mask extenders for hijabs



YouTube based resources on ways to wear a mask with hijab


resources on being Muslim during COVID






informational Resources for COVID 19

For COVID-19 related answers or questions, you should call (1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634) (https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/families-and-individuals/frequently-asked-questions/Novel-Coronavirus-FAQs#:~:text=For%20answers%20to%20your%20COVID,427%2D5634).








14 Indigenous-owned online business to support

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here at amuslimwomansblog I believe in inclusivity and boosting the voices of all minority communities, and supporting Indigenous businesses can be a step towards just that so without further or due here are some Indigenous-owned online businesses to support and buy from.

Anne Mulaire


 annemulaire is an Indigenous-owned online business, a Métis Fashion brand, the Métis are, is an ethnic group that is half French and half Native American.

Anne Mulaire or Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba Winnipeg French quarter. and is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Catherine Mulaire, who was born in 1843. Catherine Mulaire was the daughter of a Voyageur and the first rural Métis teacher in the Red River Settlement, Catherine was an accomplished seamstress whose embroidery continues to inspire the designs of Anne Mulaire.

Andréanne was raised by her parents to embrace her Ojibwe and French Métis heritage, to respect all people, and to love the planet, these principles that still guide her as a businesswoman and a designer. (https://annemulaire.ca/pages/history)


Beyond Buckskin Boutique — Home

beyondbuckskin is a Indigenous owned online store based in North Dakota Beyond Buckskin was launched in 2009 by Jessica R. Metcalfe Turtle Mountain Chippewa as a website dedicated to showcasing and promoting Indigenous artists and designers In 2012, the original blog website expanded including a online boutique, this boutique is rooted in activism and a desire to share Indigenous culture with the world through fashion. Beyond Buckskin goal is advancing creative small businesses located throughout rural and urban communities by providing an online store where customers can connect with Native American fashion designers and jewelry artists beyondbuckskin currently work with over 40 individual artists and small businesses to get their incredible and unique work out to a broader audience. (https://shop.beyondbuckskin.com/about)

they provide jewelry and apparel.

Eighth Generation


Eighth Generation Indigenous-owned online store based in Seattle and is an art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. It was founded in 2008 when Louie Gong (Nooksack) an artist, activist, and educator widely known for merging traditional Coast Salish art with influences from his urban environment to make strong statements about identity had started customizing shoes in his living room. Now the first Native-owned company to ever produce wool blankets — with a flagship retail store in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market — Eighth Generation is a proud participant in the global economy. (https://eighthgeneration.com/pages/about-us)

they provide jewelry, apparel, home décor, towels emal pins, bags, notebooks etc

Trickster Company

trickstercompany is a Indigenous owned store that is based in the city of JuneauAlaska

owned design shop founded by siblings Rico and Crystal Worl with the goal to promote unique indigenous design they focus on northeast coastal art and explore themes and issues in native culture and strive to represent prestigious lineage of art in fresh and energetic ways as a celebration of Northwest Coast culture and are active advocates of diversity in community and work to promote diversity in civic engagement. (https://trickstercompany.com/pages/about-us)

they provide customers with stylish and unique apparel, accessories beautiful jewelry, Home Goods, stationeries books prints and stickers


Indigenously Designed for All.– B.YELLOWTAIL

byellowtail is a Indigenous-owned online fashion store, their clothing is designed in-house by Bethany yellowtali. (https://byellowtail.com/pages/who-are-we), they offer customers beautiful jewelry and unique clothing.

OXDX Clothing

oxdxclothing is a Diné owned fashion label based in downtown Tempe, Arizona they offer unique designs that represent native people their also work to bring indigenous issues to light through their artwork (https://www.oxdxclothing.com/)

Hiptipico Ethical Fashion Brand and Guatemala Textile Sourcing Company

The name Hiptipico came from the Spanish word, “tipico,” which is the traditional clothing worn by the indigenous Maya people in Guatemala, Hiptipico is an ethical fashion brand based in Panajachel, Guatemala showcasing Maya artisans and their handmade creations. Every Hiptipico item is thoughtfully handcrafted by indigenous communities, using high-quality sustainable materials. (thttps://www.hiptipico.com/pages/our-story)

hiptipico offers face masks straps oufs acceories

Totem Design House

Totem Design House is an eco-friendly Indigenous family owned and operated company since 2015 The initial inception of Totem Design House began in 2006, when Erin Brillon (Haida/Cree), tired of the typical Northwest Coast art t-shirts, decided to start a contemporary clothing and home décor brand utilizing her artist/carver brother Jesse Brillon’s Haida designs. Fast forward to 2014, through her work coordinating with Indigenous Youth empowerment programs, Erin began learning the art of screen-printing with her daughter Marlo, who was then 14 years old. The three began collaborating to create unique hand-printed silkscreen shirts. In 2016, Andy Everson, a renowned Northwest Coast artist and cultural leader from K’omoks First Nation joined Totem Design House. Erin and Andy, as life partners and creative collaborators, along with Jesse and Marlo, are working to expand Totem Design House as a locally made, artist-produced, one-stop-shop for authentic Indigenous-made products. (totemdesignhouse.com/pages/our-story)

totemdesignhouse offers unique jewelry, home goods, and Apparel.


Mosnukhe Nomp is an Indigenous owned online store based in Mebane, North Carolina by and ran by Crissy Cavay, who is a member of The Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation.

MosnukheNomp provides customers with apparel, key chains, kitchen accessories, car accessories panners, jewelry, and decals, and face masks.

Kaycee’s Handmade is a Indigenous owned online store based in Texas and is ran by Kaycee Valdez, who is a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation KayceesHandmade provides custamers with headbands, bows, and beadwork.

LBadoniCreations is an Indigenous-owned online store based in Blue Gap, Arizona. and is ran by Lauren Badoni, LBadoniCreations provides jewelry and phone grips.

sageandsunflowerr Indigenous-owned online store and is based in Las Vegas and is ran by Shilo who identifies as a Paiute Native American. beautiful beaded earrings, beaded PopSockets, stamped quote Bracelets.

Steph Littlebird is an Indigenous American, Two-Spirit artist based in Portland, Oregon. and Las Vegas, Nevada Steph Littlebird is an activist, curator, and writer and is a member of the grand ronde confederated tribes. Steph Littlebird owns Littlebird Studios Online Shop that provides customers with stickers, art, and patches.

Bizaanide’ewin is Indigenous-owned and is based in the Us, ran by Caitlin Newago who is a Member of the Ojibwe tribe, Bizaanideewin offers customers beautiful apparel, tote bags, and mouse pads.

links for other resources for more Indigenous-owned online businesses








links on resources on how to better support Indigenous communities







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