“I am tired of talking about Islamic terrorism in America here’s why”.

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In the social climate of America, White supremacists and Nazis groups are an often-ignored threat in the United States, even though they tend to pose a bigger than international “Islamic” terrorism. With the likelihood of International terrorism happening in the U.S is unlikely, according to experts on this subject, the U.S. does not take homegrown White supremacist terrorists, Nazi groups, and far-right extremists seriously as if this, not a social and political threat. America still focus on unlikely occurring terrorist threats. Even when January 6th happened and the rioters there that day, most of whom WERE homegrown terrorists, were ready to take the lives of the Capital police. journalists, and American politicians. The January 6th rioters were and are still given a slap s on the wrist and a wag of the finger. They were called tourists, who became a little too rowdy, not a “real” threat or saviors of the country, who should be honored not a “real “threat like black and brown people.  

It seems right-wing Christian straight white cis people are allowed to do domestic terrorism and get away with it.  While minorities in the U.S do not seem to have this privilege, they are still silenced. They are constantly under siege by police brutality, racism, classism islamophobia, and xenophobia. Uplifting the mentality that poor, racial, and religious minorities here and abroad should be heavily punished with deadly force and violence for simply existing.

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I hope to create a learning space for revert Muslims like myself

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