Creepypastas That Will Fuel Your Nightmares

hello everyone I am taking a break though for a little bit to refresh my mind and bring you better content

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I don’t know about you but every now and then I love to reflect and go back to my favorite classic internet creepypastas so I decided to make a list so everyone can enjoy curl up with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy. dog

Smile Dog is also known smile.jpg is said to be a cursed image that date’s back to the early days of the internet, the image of smile dog is said to drive those who view it insane, with the image never leaving it’s victims mind

read this story at link down below

YouTube narration of Smile Dog

2.the expressionless

in the 1970s a strange women comes into sinai hispotica blooded and expressionless face

YouTube narration of the expressionless

a short youtube flim based on this creepy pasta

links for reading story down below enjoy : )

3.the NoEnd_House

NoEnd_House creepypasta is about a man David taking up to challenge of reaching the end of the no end house for money though it may not be worth

links for reading this creepy pasta is linked down below

YouTube narration of creepy pasta NoEnd_House creepy pasta

4.Mr. Widemouth

Mr. Widemouth is a creepy pasta about a boy who finds an unusual creature in his home

YouTube narration of Mr. Widemouth

6.blood money

this blood-chilling creepypasta follows a family conflicted about its past in WW2 era Germany

you can read and experience this blood-curdling creepy pasta at

7. The Doughboy – The Ghost of the Great War

The Doughboy – The Ghost of the Great War is an unsettling creepypasta that features ww1 ghosts of the past standing guard in the Argonne Forest in France

YouTube narration of The Doughboy – The Ghost of the Great War

9.”300 Years Of Heaven Was a Punishment”

this nightmarish creepypasta follows the main character Nathan, who came back to the living after living in Heaven for 300 years.

YouTube narration of creepy pasta

10. the tale of king Ramses

the tale of king Ramses is creepypasta on courage the cowardly dog episode titled the curse of king Rameses

read this creepy creepypasta at

creepy pasta narration of the tale of king Ramses

so, what did you think of my list comment down below.

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