jewelry to buy that will add more style to your already stylish hijab

tired of the same old jewelry that you seem to wear all the time? feel like it does not give enough Spice to your look? well here are some online jewelry stores that will give life to your jewelry box and add more sizzle to your outfit and hijab

People in this country wear veils to protect them from the sun. | Beautiful  hijab, Hijab fashion, Hijabi fashion

Studiokassa is a Indian online jewelry store Kassa means ‘House of two’, and was started by two contemporary artists Aarushi’s Masters from MICA  and Arpan’s Masters from the University of Arts London in Product Design

artizara was founded by Sarah Ansari and they provide beautiful Islamic jewelry modest fashion and art (

they provide home décor and jewelry

aditibhatt creates beautiful handmade jewelry that is colorful fresh and beautiful Aditi Bhatt the founder of the website takes take inspiration from art, architechture, , nature and normal everyday objects

quirksmith is an Indian online store and was created by Divya and Pragya they create sliver pieces that incorporate’s stones and old coins

riddhika is an online jewelry store and is India’s first sustainable 3D printed riddhika creates statement jewelry pieces with semi-precious stones, metals, acrylic

tribeamrapali is Indian online jewelry store that provides beautiful unique and modern handmade jewelry

caratlane is an online Indian jewelry store and sells beautiful jewelry that will make anyone say i must buy now!

bhavyaramesh is an Indian online jewelry store that was founded by Bhavya Ramesh who is a naturalist and a bohemian and is a self-taught Jewelry Designer bhavyaramesh provides beautiful jewelry pieces that is influenced by banjara culture (

Utsavfashion is an online store that provides authentic and trendy ethnic fashion and unique jewelry that will be sure to make you stand out in a room

sunbula is a non-prophet organization that was founded in 1988 it is guaranteed fair trade and is a Jerusalem/القُدس ‎based it is a platform that supports marginalized women and communities in the west bank Gaza strip and Palestinian communities within Israel though traditional artisan crafts deals in Islamic religious jewelry and they would be a great adution

ArabellaByMansour is an online store that sells jewelry, and accessories that positively depicts famous POCs and marginalized communities. lets go on down and buys our self’s a nice set of earrings shall we

PalestinianKrafts is a online store that is based in new York US and their products comes from Palestine. PalestinianKrafts that provides beautiful Palestinian jewelry i don’t know about you but i would love to buy a dangly pair Palestinian coin earrings

shoppalestine mecca or The Middle East Children’s Alliance was founded by Barbara Lubin and Howard Levine in 1988 after Barbara returned from her first trip to Palestine and Israel at the beginning of the first Intifada. Barbara had witnessed the grave injustice, poverty, and violence of the Israeli occupation paid for with US tax dollars. Both she and Howard decided to speak out about what was happening to Palestinian children and also to raise money for projects in the West Bank and Gaza that would help make life a little bit better for children there. (

WearThePeaceClothing is based in Chicago Illinois they sell jewelry and clothing and any purchase you make are donated to help refugees

PalestinianMadeUS is an online store based in Mahopac, New York and is partnered with refugee artisans in the West Bank PalestinianMadeUS sells delicate handicrafts embroidered jewelry, and apparel PalestinianMadeUS supports the economic empowerment of marginalized people and refugees and works to preserve Palestinian artisanal heritage

FromPalestineToYou is a online store that provides Palestinian jewelry to customers

SilverCinnamon is a online store and is based in Melbourne, Australia thet provide apparel and beautifully made jewelry

the gorjana jewelry brand is said by them to be Inspired by the beauty of Southern California their jewelry encompasses a modern look fit for anyone

OttavaDesign is a online store that is based in Etowah, Tennessee us and provides unique jewelry that uses acrylic wood and metal is a Muslim owned small business and deals in an ethical fashion they are based in north west England and was founded in July 2017 by Shamima and Alicya who are both of South Asian heritage they make in house products which are Muslim friendly and incorporates embroidery styles and handicrafts of different parts of Pakistan

sensationaljewel is an online store that is based in bursa turkey and sells handmade Islamic jewelry calligraphy designs and personalized name necklaces

IslamicBazaar is a online esty store that is based in Istanbul turkey they sell everyday Islamic products, fashion, and jewelry. why not check them out and get a Zulfiqar necklace why your at it

yesstyle is a south korean online store that sells international beauty products and fashion

Kooding is a south korean brand online store and will look amazing to go with your next Kpop inspired outfit hijab or niqab

IslamicProductsStore is based in UK United Kingdom and has multable stores

IslamicProductsStore provides beautifully handmade jewelry home décor, Tasbih , healing bowls, car hangings magnet stickers etc. hop on over and get yourself some new Tasbih

Islamicbay is an online store that is based in Birmingham, UK Islamicbay that provides customers with beautiful Islamic jewelry ,wall decals, wall art and frames.

modanisa is a turky based online store that deals in jewelry clothing etc

herafiyat is an online esty store that is based in Beirut Lebanon and makes unique beautiful jewelry hop on over and treat your self to a nice chunky choker

AlcazartEthnic is based in Paris France and sells fashion and jewelry

ARTSMYRNA operates 3 stores in Bangkok,İzmir, and New Jersey. ARTSMYRNA is an online that makes handmade jewelry made of natural materials precious stones and sterling silver and is inspired by architecture space and people

LakaLuka is based inXánthi, Greece and provides Unique Handmade jewelry gustbooks and door stoppers

divinejewelries is a online store based in Wheaton, Illinois. they provide beautiful Islamic jewelry CDS wall hangings, car hangings, miswaks, and key chains. i myself am a big fan of the store and have recently bought myself a beautiful Islamic tapestry with the name of prophet Mohammed may peace be upon him. so why not treat yourself to a beautiful ayatul kursi bracelet

KURSIJEWELLERY is an online store that has multiple stores and locations and is ran by Tugba Tugce Aydinli, and Turkan Adatepe I myself have been loyal customers of theirs. they provide beautifully handcrafted jewelry, unique home decor, car hangings tasbih and multi-language Qurans trust me you will not be despondent with their service. no matter if it is a gift to yourself or a gift to a Muslim or nonmuslim family member they are sure to love it

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