Muslim owned businesses to give your money to

here at amuslimwomansblogcom i am always looking for new ways to empower the Muslim community and try to help garner a positive image for us worldwide and to do that we need to empower each other so here are some Muslim owned online businesses to buy from and help support I have also linked down below other resources for Muslim owned business and how to help them #SupportMuslimCommunities #SupportMuslimfamilies

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NHfashion is a online jewelry store that is based in Bethlehem, Palestine and sells beautiful handcrafted olivewood jewelry

handmadepalestine is Fairtrade based and sells Palestinian handicrafts to raise money for causes in Palestine Atfaula society for deaf children provides customers with beautiful Palestinian handicrafts (

shoppalestine mecca or The Middle East Children’s Alliance was founded by Barbara Lubin and Howard Levine in 1988 after Barbara returned from her first trip to Palestine and Israel at the beginning of the first Intifada. Barbara had witnessed the grave injustice, poverty, and violence of the Israeli occupation paid for with US tax dollars. Both she and Howard decided to speak out about what was happening to Palestinian children and also to raise money for projects in the West Bank and Gaza that would help make life a little bit better for children. (

Watan is a online store that is based in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. and was founded in January 2015, Watan aims to create an space for Palestinians to learn about and explore the rich Palestinian cultural and intellectual heritage (

divinejewelries is a online sty store that sells beautiful Islamic jewelry

KURSIJEWELLERY is an online store that has multiple stores and is in multiple locations is they provide beautifully handcrafted jewelry, unique home decor, car hangings tasbih, and multi-language Qurans

is a Muslim-owned business that sells modest fashion, accessories, hijabs, and gifts.(

baladystitchshop is a small online business that sells tatreez embroidered apparel home decor, and everyday items

muskaanmakeup is a Muslim owned makeup business that provides make up that is not only free of parabens and harmful chemicals but is cruelty-free vegan certified gluten-free and halal

Olivebabywear is a small business that is based in Sydney Australia they sell baby products such as teething rings, dummy chains, and key rings.

siraj is a muslim owned business that provides customer with Islamic products from all around the world the products are ethically manufactured and works to support and contribute to the ummah globally (

jasmineandmarigold is a Muslim business owned that sells babywear adult wear mugs printables and instant downloads (

verona is a Muslim owned business by Lisa Vogl and Alaa Ammuss they provide customers with Muslim friendly fashion and beautiful luxury hijabs (

louellashop is Muslim owned business and is owned by none other than Ibtihaj Muhammad which sells Muslim friendly fashion their products are manufactured in the united states your purchase goes to helping create jobs locally and helps contribute to a much leaner environment (

786cosmetics is a Muslim owned business that was founded in 2017 by Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani they provide customers with halal good quality breathable nail polish 40+ colors have been named after their products are Now sold in 10+ countries and is reaching customers all over the world, 786 Cosmetics has grown to become a globally recognized brand. ( (

nzingaknight is a black Muslim owned business owned by Nzinga Knight who is an award-winning NYC designer, Nzinga grew up in Brooklyn New York, nzingaknight provides customers with stylish and beautiful Muslim friendly fashion ( (

niswafashion is a Muslim owned business and was founded in 2016 their store works to provide customers with Muslim friendly clothing hijabs and Accessories ( (

mybatua is a Muslim owned business and provides customers with traditional Islamic clothing that is unique stylish and comfy to wear (

iceydesigns is a Muslim owned business that creates stationery, candles journals pencils stickers pins, and notepads (

saudahsaleem is a black Muslim owned business that sells beautiful interior design ( (

intfirst is a Muslim owned business that makes natural self-care products and unique and modern life style items (

braceletbangles is an Muslim owned business, braceletbangles was founded to spread awareness to the needs of small business owners and workers across the world and is partnered with other Indian small businesses they are focused on stimulating sustainable growth for small businesses. they work to provide unique and beautiful bracelets for any occasion (

AnitaLadhaniDesigns is a Muslim owned online business that provides beautiful and meaningful handcrafted islamic jewelry, interfaith jewelry, and tasbihs.

shoparewa is a black muslim owned business that provides customer’s with jewelry scarfs and candles

fofkys is Muslim owned business and is based in Dallas, Texas, Us. they sell all kinds of products such as books, Coffee, Sweets, and Teas (

withaspin is a Muslim owned business that provides Islamic inspired home décor books, stationeries, and kitchen accessories (

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