7 things Muslim women do not owe you

1. taking off our hijabs to make you feel safe or happy

as Muslim women, most of us are expected to take off our hijab just to make bigots happy, simply make ends meet by being able to get a job that would otherwise reject us, or just to avoid discrimination, happy to say that it is something we Muslim women simply do not owe you full stop

2. being sympathetic to discriminatory Islamophobic laws that strip us of our own freedom of choice

being sympathetic and understanding of hijab bans in any country or being supportive of bans that stripe us of our own choice to wear what we want

3. to “understand” or be tolerant of your islamophobia

we do not owe you tolerance of your intolence towards Muslims period

4. teaching you you about our religion

we do not owe you an automatic education of our religion simply because you are to lazy to take your self to a library

5. an apology for terrorism that has nothing to do with us

we do not owe you, an apology for Terrorist attacks that have nothing to do with us some of which that has also happened to us period.

6. being silent about everyday anti-Muslim discrimination, that happens to us.

we simply do not owe you our silence regarding Islamaphobic discrimination just because talking about our own experiences makes you feel uncomfortable

7. being the silent exotic pretty token ornament for you

we do not owe you our bodies, for your Islamophobic fetishization and tokenization period.

that is the end of my list, for 7 things Muslim women do not owe anyone. as a Muslim woman, I have been wanting to write something like this, as I feel these are things that are not said enough, when I was at college I actually felt at one point like I was actually being treated as an ornament for being a Muslim woman, rather than a person.

while I have never been asked directly to apologize for terrorism, I feel like that was the underlying implication. when I had got into a fight with the same girl that I feel just wanted to hang around me for simply being Muslim. to add even more trauma, when I talk about these issues, I have actually get told that I should just ignore the hate, or be more forgiving of Islamaphobes, as they work long-hour jobs and might live in rural places so they may not be so educated about Islam or me. yeah, I have actually had that enraging thing said to me before sigh.

comment your thoughts or feelings down below in the comment section

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