terrifying creatures and legendary ghosts you would not want to meet

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Aicha Kandicha/Aicha Qandicha Moroccan Arabic عيشة قنديشة‎, 

Aicha is a creature said to be similar to a Jinn or demon, she is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman with goat or camel legs.

she usually lives near water in rivers or in flames she can also appear to men in dreams and may leave them impotent for life from water and uses her beauty to seduce men and even kill or drive them insane

Aicha waits for her prey underwater sources and flames, as men approach her who are unfortunate enough to encounter her she kills them, some say that if you ever alone and if you hear the sounds of rusty chains dragging on the ground Aicha is Kadisha is nearby.

in other myths I found she helped out Morocco during the Spanish invasion of Morocco Spanish soldiers came across Aicha kanidsha, she seduced them and killed them they were later found dead people of Morocco believe her to be responsible.

some people of Morroco do not view Aicha as evil, some even call out to her for help some people say you can summon her by pouring boiling water down the sink drain Aicha will come and help them.

some people gather on every Thursday led by men to rivers where she is said to live and bring incense candles milk bread










La Llorona The weeping Woman














La Llorona is a legendary ghost from Hispanic, Latino folklore, as well as central and northern American folklore, she is commonly heard and is commonly seen near rivers creeks oceans at night crying out Mi hijo, mi hijo to her drowned children she has been seen as flowing having black hair and wearing a white dress and a veil or a shawl and possess a natural beauty even as a spirit she.

in a rural village there once lived a young woman named Maria

 Maria came from a poor family but was known in the village for her beauty and  One day a wealthy nobleman traveled to her village  and upon seeing maria had stopped in his tracks and Maria too  was charmed by him as he was charmed by her beauty so he proposed to her and she had immediately accepted and maria’s family was thrilled that was marrying into a wealthy however

the noblemen’s father was not happy about the marriage and disappointed in his son for marrying into poverty maria and her new husband built a house in the village to be away from the disappointment of his father

and Eventually, Maria gave birth to twins a boy and girl her, new husband was always traveling and had stopped spending time with his family when her husband did come home he only paid attention to their children and not maria.

maria know that her husband was falling out of love with her one day he left the family and never returned until years later when maria and her children where walking by a river she saw a familiar carriage with a younger beautiful woman next to her husband the carried stoped he waved to his child but again had ignored maria

as the carriged left maria became so angery and confused without thinking she graped her two childern and drowned them in the river but came back too reality only after seeing her childern bodies flaoting in the river only then did she realize what she had done so out of pure sadness at what she had did she jumped into the river hoping too die and be with her childern

and when she arrived at the gates of heaven  she asked the whereabouts of her childern she was not petmitted too enter the after life untill she found her childern

and so now she is curesed to forever wonder the land as Llorona,  all eternity searching only in vain for her drowned children.

it is said that if she comes across any child alone at night, she will mistake them for her children and drown them, or if you hear the crying of Llorona you must run in the opposite way, for if you hear her cried they bring not only misfortune but death.

she is also some times seen in the depths of a river and is said that if others attempt to save her if she is seen in the depths of the water they will be drowned themselves

she has been also seent at the border into Texas, El Paso, Rio de Flag in the city of Flagstaff, and the San Pedro River near Tucson, and cemeteries.

Nale ba come tomorrow








Nale ba is an Indian witch that is said to come to your door at night, in the 90s, Bangalore India was abuzz with rumors’ of a witch walking the streets at night.

the witch would knock on doors at night and try to lure men by calling out to them by mimic their family hours upon hearing their loved ones would open the door and the victim and die within in the next 24 later to combat this, people would write the name nale ba meaning come tomorrow on their doors this meant.

that the witch would return the next day and see the sigh and the cycle would continue.

Bloody Mary






Bloody Mary is a legendary ghost in many countries and cultures around the world it terrified me and others around me as a child, I can even hardly even say her name out loud as an adult.

there are countless variations of her story she is called through the game that you have to play to summon her, you chant her name 3 times in a mirror in the dark alone if it works she is said to kill you in a very brutal way by scratching out your eyes, strangling you, tear you to pieces, stealing your soul, or cursing you, or steal you away though the mirror.

she is said to appear in the mirror as a corpse, or witch covered in blood

I have never done it though thank Allah and never would there is however

another version of this where she would appear and show the person summoning her their true love another form of the ritual was played by young women who wanted to know who their true love was so they would walk up a flight of stairs backward holding a candle and a hand mirror in a dark house and as they gazed into the mirror they where able to cathch a glimpse of their future husband and if they saw a skill indicating that they would die before getting married and another version of this game called baby blue where mary is actually the mother of the baby it’s said that if you play it your arms will feel heavy like your holding a baby and if you do not get rid of the weight quick enough it is said that you will feel the wraith of mary

there is different variations of who she was

mary weatherby was a woman who was sta bbed death by her huaband they say that if you go to a mirrior in a dark room and say her name 3 times her mutlilated face will will appear in the mirrior and she will chase you around with a bloody knife

mary johnson was a woman who was burned at the stake durning thw salem witch trials to summon her in this verson the room must be dark everyone sits in a circle holds hands and chants come mary johnson come a dim light will appear over the head of one person

pichal peri




pichal peri is a Pakistani legendary creature, who is a demonic witch that will appear as a beautiful woman who targets men.

her entire appearance is disguised all except her feet which will point backward in her true form she will look like a witch with a long face dirty fingers a hunchback messy hair a bloody clothing and large eyes and will kill anyone she encounters by drinking their blood and ripped out vital organs from their bodies it is also said that if you say pichal peri out loud she is supposed to make an appearance

in india the name can also be known as Pichal Pairee or Churel a demon that would appear out of nowhere in deserted areas at night and could be either friendly or evil and is known to wear a saree or other native Indian clothing.

people can outrun the demon if they are lucky enough, one could carry bits of paper with holy verses, amulets, frequently pronounce the name of God/Allah, or carry the holy Quran with them.

People can only manage to run away if they are lucky enough. Most of the people carry bits of papers inscribed with holy verses (amulets), and they frequently pronounced the name of God. A copy of the holy book is also said to keep them safe from evil.







PołudnicaПолудница Chirtel Ma in Yiddish or in English Lady Midday or noon wraith or noon witch. halls from eastern European and Slavic folklore

she is feard by anyone working in fields she is said to appear at noon when the sun shone the most she is said a tall pale thin woman with loose hair and a flowing white robe or a ghostly skeleton or an old woman.

there are different variations on her weapons she said to either carry a sickle, shears scythe people are unfortunate enough to encounter południca are asked tricky questions if the victim answers wrong them or if the victim tries to change the subject she will cut off their heads with her weapon or strike them illness or madness.

Baba Yaga/Баба-Яга











Baba Yaga is a witch from Slavic folklore Baba Yaga she is said to be a deformed and ferocious-looking woman that is emaciated with sharp teeth

she lives in a hut that stands on chickens legs and cares for the wildlife some depictions of her varies to her helping travelers and others in need she has the power to wrap the forest where she lives confusing travelers leading to them, unfortunately, losing their senses and is doomed to forever wander the endless forest at night she said to leave her house in search of children who have wandered into her woods she files through the air in a large mortar using to pestle to steer once she finds a lost child she will devour them using her teeth to crunch them

the pinky pinky





the pinky pinky is a human-like figure that is half man and half woman with rose intended skin rose-colored eyes and noticeable bright pink hair it is dressed in a mixture of female and male clothing and has the appearance of a feminine man of late middle age this creature signature weapon is a knife and is known to lurk in the girls bathrooms where the pinky pinky waits for it’s victims’ young girls particularly those who are dressed in pink underwear to enter the bathroom alone and then murders them the pinky pinky targets girls, it is said that if a person surprises this creature they say they can see it faces which is humanoid but it is unsightly ugly mottled bald if it sees a person looking then it’s features are said to get blurry so that all a person can see are two pink colored eyes it is said that the pinky pinky will try to corner it’s victims then speaks to them in a musical voice’s woman’s voice and asks if the girl will play or be friends with pinky pinky other versions of the story claim that the pinky pinky will tell the girl its story and where it came from but the girl can never remember exactly what she was told and then the pinky pinky will demand payment for its story and if the victim can not pay then the girl is will be abused by pinky pinky

Nure Onna or wet woman or snake woman









the snake woman has the upper body of a beautiful innocent-looking woman and the lower body of a huge snake she is depicted as being 30 feet long in length with snake eyes and long clawed hands she said to have beautiful black hair

she haunts rivers springs seashores

shoreline and preys on unsuspecting swimmers fishermen or men walking by when she spots her prey she rises from the water and paralyzes them with her then uses her snake-like tongue to suck all of the blood out of her victim’s body

she has multiple ways of tricking anyone unfortunate enough to encounter her she seduces them with her beauty and then kills them acts like a drowning woman she bobs her head on the surface of the water and flaps her arms pretending to be a drowning woman and when someone dives into saving she rises up Snatchs them with her claws and drags them down the depths of the water Nure Onna would also appear by the sea as a mother Nure Onna would then request someone holds the baby and when the person accepted and hold it would turn into a heavy stone that would not able to separate from the person that person would then be killed and eaten, but other variations of the telling of this creature suggest that she is not evil but just wants to be in solitude as she baths and just reacts violently to those who bother her.










pronounced in multiple ways as tokolosh, Tikoloshe, Tokoloshe, or Tokolotshe. this creature hails from Zulu mythology

it is described as a small humanoid creature and resembles a gremlin, dwarf, sprite, or brownie with long bony and a hole in its head

the way one is created is by a witch though black magic it is said that a tokoloshe can be created by removing the tongue and eyes of a corpse and a heated iron rod must be thrust into the corpse skill and then a powder would be thrown into the corpse mouth to give it life and even requires payment within a year relative would die

the tokoloshe is sent as a curse or a hex on someone and torments them.

it is said to mess with your ability to rest properly and will attack you in your sleep tries to kill you by strangulation and will bit off your toes while you sleep, it’s said to be apart of the reason many people in Zulu culture used to sleep with their bed raised as to protect themselves.

it will drink water and eat Pebbles, in order to keep itself invisible.

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so how did you feel after reading this list, did it chill you to the bone and terrify you, or were you not scared at all? comment down below.

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