horrifying urban legends that will keep you up at night



Aisha is a Malaysian urban legend of a girl who was murdered by four men and according to this urban legend she will take revenge on anyone who dares to look at her photo and goes someone like this

Aisha was shy country was born in a small village in Malaysia, but in 1984 she moved to Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia. Aisha suffered from a disease called Photophobia, it meant that her eyes were sensitive to a bright light. It caused her to have severe debilitating headaches for this reason, Aisha Always wore dark sunglass and never allowed anyone to take her picture.

one day the factory where Aisha worked was holding it’s annual party, Everybody was having fun and Aisha took off her sunglass.

someone at the party, had a camera and decided to take a picture and as soon as the flash went off Aisha doubled over in pain and collapsed on the ground.

she was suffering from an intense headache, and she began to foam at the mouth the poor girl writhed on the ground, until an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. Aisha spent 3 days there.

the man who had taken her photo came to apologize for his carelessness, after the incident Aisha was forced to stop working. The doctor had given her medication and told her to spend some time resting.

she just stat at home only going out at night, when it was dark to buy food her landlord sympathized with her situation and allowed Aisha to stay in the apartment, without paying rent until she was healthy enough to return home.

one month later, Aisha was fully recovered and was time for her to make the trip back to her home village.

that night Aisha left her house, she walked to the bus station on the way a car suddenly pulled up in front of her and four men got out, they blocked her path and when she tried to go around them they grappled her and dragged her to their car.

the four men kidnaped her, they took her to an empty house on the outskirts of the city they tied her to a chair then one of them, took out a knife and cut at her clothing Aisha cried and begged them to stop and to have mercy on her.

but the group of men where heartless and only laughs at her, they then began to beat her and abuse her, one of the men took out a camera and took photos.

Aisha begged him not to and tried too explain that she head photopia, as soon as the blinding flash went off Aisha was struck by a intense headache her head was pounding she screamed in pain the men kept beating her.

they took photo after photo, Aisha felt like her head was going to explode, blood began to pour from her body and after suffering for hours Aisha was in terrible pain and could barely move.

she was still tied up the men carried her out of their car tossed her into the car, they drove her out to a bridge and told her that they where going to dumb her in the river.

just before the men threw Aisha into the water, Aisha screamed out “Anyone who looks at my picture without permission, I will punish them in a dream with the same pain that I am experiencing. I swear I will though I’m dead, woe to those who see the picture.

the next morning, the four men went to a photo shop to get the photos developed.

they gave the man behind the counter money and warned them to keep silent about the contents of the photos when the group of men who killed Aisha saw the photos Aisha of being tortured they laughed, suddenly the car that they where driving swerved crashed into a tree killing one of the men instantly.

the second man of the group was taken to the hospital that evening and died from severe internal bleeding the third man survived the crash with only minor injuries and after bandaging his wounds the doctors let him leave on his way back to his home the man tripped and fell into an open manhole.

he lay at the bottom of the sewer with a broken leg the same he had done to Aisha he was unable to climb back up and that night it rained heavily, the water level rising in the sewer the man drowned suffering the same fate that he done to Aisha

the fourth man didn’t have a scratch on him and went straight home that night as he lay in bed, he dreamed of Aisha coming to him and beating him as he had beaten her.

she beat the man who killed her with a stick when he woke, he had an extremely bad headache the pain grew so intense that he could not take it anymore.

he was falling into madness so he stabled himself with a fork, he began to regret what he had done and felt that he was being cursed by Aisha.

he went to the police and turned himself in telling them what he and the men had done to Aisha and gave them all of the photos that they had, the man was arrested and was trown into a cell the man eventually died in prison taking his own life because of the headaches.

two days later Aisha was found she was taken to the mortuary where they took her fingerprints and preformed an autopsy, the doctor who carried out the post mortem examination had taken a photo of Aisha.

not long afterward the doctor was found dead, anyone who looked at the Autopsy photos reportedly experienced nightmares severe headaches and shortly after they where found dead also.

Eventually the police destroyed most of her photos, they even tried to keep the case a secret from the public bur rumors of Aisha’s curse began to circulate around Malaysia.

some photos where leaked and posted on the internet and they say that anyone who looks at these photos will encounter the ghost of Aisha in their dreams when they wake up they will experience severe and chronic headaches, the image of Aisha will haunt them no mater where they look Aisha’s picture, will Appear in their vision.

they say you can take steps to avoid Aisha’s curse do not look for her photos online if you accidentally came across them, do not look at her in the eyes, do not send these photos to anyone if you do it will mean certain death for you and them.

the girl in the Photograph


girl in the photograph is either a scary story or a urban legend it goes like this: one day a boy was sitting his class in his school he was bored and was waiting for the school bell to ring , when he looked out the window something had caught his eye it was a photograph laying on the grass outside and when school was over he ran outside and picked it up turning it over he realized it was a picture of a beautiful girl, For some reason she was holding up two fingers the girl was so pretty he wanted to meet her.

he showed the photograph to everyone in the school and asked if they had know her unfortunately nobody recognized the girl in the photo, that night the boy went to bed he placed the photo on his bedside table and went to sleep.

around midnight he had woken up there was something tapping on his window, he then heard giggling, scared now he worked up the courage to investigate it he jumped out of the bed and went over to the window and opened there was nothing there.

the next day he showed the photo to his friends and neighbors and asked if they know the girl in the photo, they all said no they had never seen the girl in their life that night as he lay in his bed heard the tapping sound again.

he looked out the window and could just make out a figure stranding on the other side of the street he couldn’t be sure but it looked like the girl in the photo, Clutching the picture tightly he throw on his clothes and raced downstairs and out the front.

and as he crossed the road he forgot to look both ways and was suddenly hit by a car, the driver got out of his car and ran over to help the boy but it was to late the boy had been killed by the impact.

the driver then noticed something clutched in the boys hand it was a photograph turning it over in his hands the driver realized it was a picture of a beautiful girl and for some reason she was holding up three fingers.

bride and seek/ hide and seek


bride and seek is a urban legend about a young woman who wanted to play a game a party game, hide and seek and they did just that. the young bride went looking for hiding places and found a chest that she thought was a good idea she climbed into it and had shut the lid were it had unfortunately latched shut trapping her inside and was unable to get out. Her family, husband and guests, were unable to find her so it led them to believe she just left, only years later she was found by her family in the attic of their house in that same chest.

some do not know how old this legend is and has been thought to have originated in the 1800s to the 1900s

the coin locker


the coin locker is a Japanese urban legend about a young woman who fell in love with a man

one day a young woman, fell in love with a young man that she loved she thought everything was going well with her relationship.

until one day she find out she was pregnant, she knew she was to young to take care of a child but still had hope she then told her boyfriend only for him to react in rage and anger.

he broke up with the pregnant girl, leaving her to deal with the pregnancy alone, she was afraid of the societal backlash at having her baby so young and not being married and disappointing her family.

she felt helpless her friends eventually started to pick up on how she was acting and began to ask what was wrong, but she still decided to keep it a secrecy and started to wear baggy cloths to help hide her swollen belly until finely the day came where she gave birth in her house.

she gave birth in secret, not even going to the hospital she had looked into her babies beautiful eyes, as that fluttered open top the world around them but no matter how hard she held her child she still had the fear of raising the child on her own.

she begin to think that she needed to get rid of her own child, thinking that it was a burden to her the next morning, she put the baby in a bag and went to a train station looked around at the coin lockers set the baby inside of it and shut the door leaving the baby behind.

on some days she would convince herself, that others did find the baby on others they did not years had passed, she was married again and had not think about what she had done until passing though a train station.

she had spotted a young boy in front of the coin lockers, he was alone and crying others ignoring him.

concerned she walked up to the boy and bent over looking at his teary face, she then asked “what are you doing here alone” are you lost” the boy only continued crying she looked around again and did not see the boys parents. she then asked “where is your mother”.

the boy had suddenly stopped crying and glared at her, the boys eyes burning with anger he replied with hate “it’s you.

a few years the remains of a woman and a baby in a coin locker

the video tape

the video tape is a Japanese urban legend that was said to have inspired the ring

and it goes something like this

Years ago a group of girls all of the best friends during the summer holidays had decided that they wanted to have a sleepover party, and had spent all day planning their sleepover.

Because they were all horror movie fans they decided that they wanted to rent a scary movie, it was late at night when the girls all piled into their car and drove to a local video rental story it was closed, So the girls spent the next hour driving around town looking for a video store that was still open.

Eventually, the girls found one a little shop that was located in a side street and had gone inside.

the girls could not agree on a film to rent, so one of them went over to the woman behind the counter and asked if she had any suggestions.

the woman who worked there told her that she had just the thing for them and disappeared into a black room, while the girls where waiting one of them had noticed a videotape lying on the counter it didn’t have a box cover or a label and it seemed to be dirty and stained.

the girl was curious to see what it was and had reached to pick it up, just then the woman came rushing out of the back room and had slammed her hand down on the tape pulling it away.

with a strange smile on the woman’s face saying “that’s not something you girls should be watching.” then they asked her what it was, the woman only responded by telling them not to touch it and said that it was a home movie then the woman handed them an old horror film and told them that it would be better movie for them to watch.

Eventually the girls agreed to rent the tape the woman had suggested, but while the woman went to the back room searching for the film one of the girls had taken the opportunity to steal the video tape the woman refused to give them and had stuffed it in her purse.

later that night the girls returned home, where the girl that stole the tape took it out of her purse and connived her other friends that they all should watch it. They did just that putting the tape in the video recorder and pressed play.

All of the sudden the power went out and the room, plunged into darkness but strangely the tv was still on with scary imagery with a woman letting out a curse saying anyone watching her death would die in two days,

Two days later the group of girls found dead, they were all burned mysteriously while police were investigating they found a trash can outside of one of the girl’s houses that had been set on fire.

everything, inside was burned all except the cursed video tape.

I don’t know about you, but this terrifying to write and was properly terrifying you to read so enjoy… I guess.

kayako/the legend of kayoko




this urban legend was either inspired from the movie grudge/Ju on, or was the inspiration for the grudge/ju on movies either way it is one of my favorite urban legends.


it goes like this, when kayako was a young girl her parents had neglected her and had spent most of her time feeling depressed and lonely.

she did not have any friends and the other children at her school thought that she was creepy and would make fun of her.

when kayako grew up, she got married to a man named Taeko Saeki she felt like he was the only person in the world who cared about her they lived a happy life together and she gave birth to a little boy named Toshio.

one day, her husband was snooping around their bedroom and had found her diary and when he read it he had become convinced that she was cheating on him and became enraged.

when she had came home from work and went upstairs her husband was waiting for her holding a knife he attacked her, beating her and slashing her right in front of their child Kayako tried to flee but her husband, started chasing her.

covered with blood Kayako slipped fell down and broke her ankle, still desperate for escape she tried to crawl down the stairs but when she reached the front door her husband gripped her head in both his hands twisting it around breaking her neck.

Kayako was still alive but paralyzed, the only sound she could make was a death rattle her husband dragged her upstairs and put her in a plastic bag, and left her in the attic to die.

He then killed their son drowning their son in the bathroom and stuffed him in a closet, and because Kayako died in such pain anguish, and rage, Kayako came back as a vengeful ghost.

she appeared to her husband and straggled him with her hair, he was found lying in the street and the police had thought he had taken his own life.

ever since then, Kayako’s ghost haunts the house in which she died and they say that if you go into the house you will hear Kayako’s death rattle then, you will see her crawling down the stairs covered in blood and rolling her broken neck around with a sickening cracking sound.

gold coins



gold coins is a Spanish urban legend and is one of my favorite urban legends it goes like this

Many years ago in Cordoba Spain, stood a very large house that was owned by one of the most weathlist and most important families in all of Spain.

the family consisted of a man his wife and their daughter and a team of servants and maids that also lived with them in the manor.

one night when the little girl was lying in bed, unable to sleep, she heard some noises in the corridor outside her room. Being a very curious child, she slowly opened the door of her bedroom and looked out into the long, dark corridor.

At the end of the hallway, she could make out a small figure, crouching down. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was surprised to see a young boy, the same age as herself. He was carrying a dim lighted candle in his hand and he was lifting one of the tiles on the tiled floor.

She watched, as the young boy took something out from his pocket and placed it beneath the tile. After he placed the tile back, the boy suddenly vanished into thin air.

The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing, She looked back down the corridor and noticed that one of the maids had been peeking out of her own bedroom door and had witnessed the same scene.

The maid grabbed a candle and came hurrying over to the little girl, They both knew what they had seen. the little boy was a ghost.

Together they cautiously approached the area where the little boy had been crouching, They lifted the tile and discovered a large hole looking down at  the hole  with the dim light of the candle, they noticed something glistening.

The maid then put down the candle carefully beside the tile, she then held it open as she helped lower the little girl into the hole.

Once she reached the bottom, she observed her surroundings The child could not believe what she found It was a pile of gold coins.

Shaking with excitement, she gathered up the coins in one hand. Then, the maid grabbed her by her free hand and pulled her out of the hole. They placed the tile back and it fit perfectly, looking like it had never been touched.

The maid could hardly believe her luck and the child could barely contain her excitement., Both of them decided that they should keep the discovery of gold coins a secret The maid warned the little girl not to mention this to her parents or any of the other servants and maids.

The next night, at the same time, the girl and the maid were peeking out from their bedroom doors, eagerly waiting for the ghostly little boy to appeared They watched as the spectral figure made its way down the corridor, lifted a tile, and placed some gold coins into the hole.

After he disappeared, the maid helped lower the girl into the hole under the tile so that she could retrieve the gold coins.

Night after Night they repeated the same process, It seamed as if the treasure was endless Each time, the girl got down into the hole under the tile and gave the coins to the maid once picked back up, who would later put them into a bag.

One night, as the maid lowered the girl into the hole the candle light began to flicker The maid told the little girl to hurry up, She had to get out of the hole before the candle went out.

Once the little girl was ready, she pulled her out of the hole but at the last moment, a coin fell out from the little girl’s hand. Without thinking, the little girl jolted after the coin. The maid tried to catch her, but in doing so she let go of the tile and it slammed down.

The candle went out.

The air from the tile falling caused the candle to go out The maid began to panic In the darkness, she tried to make her way down the corridor to her bedroom to fetch another candle.

It was pitch black She couldn’t see a thing, She had to feel her way along the wall until she reached her bedroom. Searching desperately in the dark, she was unable to find a candle.

With a lot of difficulty, she made her way down the corridor into the kitchen She rummaged through the drawers and eventually came across another candle. She lit it and quickly returned to the corridor.

To her horror, she realized that she couldn’t remember which tile the child was under In the dim light she searched and searched, prying at each tile but the corridor was so long and wide with many tiles that she was unable to find the right one.

Finally she gave up and clutching the bag of gold coins, she went back to bed.

In the morning, the little girl’s parents woke up to find their daughter missing, They questioned the servants but each one said they had no idea where the little girl could be a complete search of the entire house was organized but nothing was found.

The distraught parents were baffled by their daughter’s mysterious disappearance. The maid decided to keep her mouth shut about what happened that night.

A few days later the mother was crying in her bedroom, when she heard a voice call out. She recognized the voice immediately. It was the voice of her daughter. The little girl was crying out for help.

“Please! Help me! Let me out of here, please!”.

The mother searched the house again Sometimes the screams seemed to come from a certain part of the house, but when she got there, the screams seemed to be coming from a different area of the house Try as they might the parents could not find where the screams was coming from.

The father demolished walls and punched holes in ceilings all in effort to find out where the girl’s cries were coming from, After destroying the interior of the house the parents were forced to accept defeat.

For months they lived in the building, listening to the cries of their beloved daughter, unable to do anything to find her. All of this took its toll on them mentally and physically Eventually, the mother finely lost her mind and committed suicide The father feeling devasted moved from the house and died years later.

it’s said that if you go to the house at night, you can hear the girls plead for help and crying.

sesame seed/cosmetic sesame

sesame seed or cosmetic sesame is one my favorite urban legends it is a Korean urban legend about a girl who is obsessed with beauty there is multiple versions of this legend

one day there was a young girl who was extremely insecure about her looks, she tried anything that would keep her skin looking young and beautiful, one day she heard about a new organic beauty treatment from a friend at her school.

her friend, told her that the treatment of sesame seeds was very good for the skin leaving it smooth and silky the treatment involved mixing sesame seeds in the bathwater and immersing in it for a couple of hours.

when the girl got home that evening she wanted to try it for herself, she filled her bathtub with warm water and sprinkled in a jar of sesame seeds to stimulate her skin hours had passed, and the girl did not leave the bathroom.

her parents started to get worried, but every time her mother knocked on the bathroom door the girl would reply with “wait a minute… wait a minute….” in the end, the mother could no longer contain herself and forced open the bathroom door.

when she peered into the bathroom she was greeted with a horrifying sight, her daughter was sitting in the corner with her body covered in little black dots. the sesame seeds had become stuck in her pores the young girl had a crazed look in her eyes and was frantically trying to pull out the seeds with a toothpick.




Aren’t you glad you did not turn on the lights is about two roommates both friends in a university


the legend involves two college roommates both unnamed, the legend goes like this

Once there were two girls who were best friends in school, and when they went to college they decided to live together and become roommates.

one night, they were staying up late trying to do some last-minute studying for a midterm exam that was scheduled.

one of the girls was quite lazy so she decided to give up studying, and go to bed early while the other girl was a hard worker so she stayed up late because she wanted to do well in the exam.

during the night the girl who stayed up remembered that she had left one of the books she needed in her bedroom she didn’t want to wake her roommate by turning on the light so sneaked into the bedroom and rummaged around looking for the book that she needed.

she heard some heavy breathing and she whispered to her roommate asking if she was ok but there was no answer the girl then heard something moving around in the dark she whispered, can I turn on the bedroom light? there was no answer the girl cleared her throat and asked again can I turn on the bedroom light I need to find something her roommate didn’t respond.

the girl sighed in frustration and continued looking for the book in darkness, Eventually she found it the girl took the book and left the darkroom she had stayed up all night studying.

in the morning she raced down to the exam hall to take her test but she noticed that her roommate was not there nor took the exam. The girl was worried about her friend so when she got, home she rushed upstairs and knocked on her roommate’s door there was no answer the girl was getting nervous at this point so she opened the door and turned on the bedroom light.

she was met with the most horrible sight she had ever seen, her roommate laid motionless sprawled on the top of her bed in a pool of blood and when the girl turned around she saw something that chilled her to the bone written on the wall in blood was the words “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light?

coffin on wheels




coffin on wheels is a Russian urban legend it goes like this

once upon a time there was a little girl she had a mother but one day She was left home alone when suddenly she hears on her radio, girl a coffin on wheels left a cemetery and is looking for your street hide. the girl now scared, doesn’t know what to do she wants to call her mother.

the girl is scared doesn’t know what to do she wants to call her mother, but she hears on the phone “girl girl the coffin on wheels found your street and is looking for your building . the girl is very scared and locks down every door she can she is so scared she is trembling. the radio says again “girl girl coffin on wheels found your budling and is looking for your apartment when the girl’s mother comes home she finds her daughter dead with a wheel in her mouth

single braid road


a girl who had a single traditional Chinese braid was an illegal immigrant traveling with her boyfriend to a university from mainland china to hong kong

the story varies but I will say the version of the legend i have heard the couple was on a train going to their university when unexpectedly, she saw police boarding the same train and checking passports and identification.

the girl who was illegal started to panic not wanting to get in trouble so she tried to jump but her braid got caught in the train’s window frame and as a result, her scalp and face was ripped off. The girl stumbled onto a place called single braid road the next day the police found the girl’s body laid in a pool of blood they cleaned up the mess and that seemed to be the end of it. Her boyfriend saw what happened and decided to continue on the train when he reached his destination he moved on with his life finding a job and never cared to find out what happened to his girl nor tried looking for her, one night a male student was walking along the very same road the woman died on.

he saw a girl standing there she had her back to him and all he could see was the long braid down her back. The man called to her but she did not reply, the student came nearer to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder, that’s when the girl turned around and the boy saw to his horror that the woman had no face, no eyes, no ears, no nose, and no mouth, she disappeared into thin air and they say the girl’s ghost has appeared many times since then but only male students can see her.

Bus 374/the midnight bus/ the bus to fragrant hills










Bus 374 is a chinese urban legend about a true story that happened at 1995

at midnight Bus 375 pulled out of the Yuan ming Yuan bus terminal. This was the last bus of the night, it’s destination was Xiang shan or fragrant hills. Onboard was a driver and a female conductor the night was cold with harsh winds blowing away, The bus stopped at the south gate next to the summer palace when the doors opened four passengers got on.

an old woman, a couple, and a young man, the couple had sat up at the front behind the driver, while the old woman and the boy sat on the other side of the bus beside the doors.

and as the bus drove through the night, all they could hear was the drone of the engine it was a quiet remote area and there were no other vehicles on the road and after a while, the driver spotted two shadows by the side of the road waving at the bus.

the driver stopped, the doors then opened and three more people got on there were two men who were supporting a third man between them, holding him up by his shoulders the man in the middle looked disheveled and his head was bowed so nobody could see his face.

all three were dressed in Qing dynasty robes and their faces were deathly pale, the other passengers on the bus were scared and glanced nervously at each other as the driver pulled off and continued down the road.

the female conductor tried to calm everyone down, by saying “don’t be afraid. they could be just actors shooting a costume drama in the vicinity, maybe they got drunk after work and forgot to change their clothing.

the old woman kept turning around and staring at the three strangers who were seated at the back of the bus There was an eerie silence. None of the passengers said a word all they could hear was the wind whistling outside. After 3 or 4 stops the young couple got off the bus, the bus driver and the female conductor was chatting and laughing,

the old woman, suddenly jumped to her feet, hitting the young man sitting in front of her. She was shouting and making a fuss telling everyone that he had stolen her purse.

the young man stood up and started arguing with her, the old woman gripped him by the collar and demanded that the driver let them off at the next stop so she could turn the young man over to the police station.

the young man was speechless when the bus stopped. The old woman dragged out the young man they watched the bus drive off into the night and the old woman breathed a sigh of relief “where is the police station? the young man asked, there is no police station said the old woman I just saved your life what? how did you save my life?” the young man said, puzzled, Those three people were ghosts!” the old woman replied “Ever since they got on the bus I had my doubts about them, so I kept looking at them it so happened that there was a wind blowing through the window and I saw everything, it lifted their long robes and I saw that they had no legs. The young man stared at the old woman in surprise, he started sweating, he couldn’t say a word the old woman called the police and had told them what she saw the next day, Bus 375 failed to report to the station it vanished along with the driver and the female conductor, The police searched the entire city but could not find any trace of the missing bus. They questioned the old woman and the young man but they dismissed their story and decided that they were both mentally ill. That night the Beijing evening news and the beijing news reported on the story, The old woman and the young man were both interviewed on tv. Two days later the police Eventually found the missing bus, it was submerged in the miyun reservoir about 100KM from Fragrant hills. Inside the bus, they discovered three badly decomposed bodies, the bus driver the female conductor, and an unidentified man.

the bride of karsaz

According to the legend, a young couple in the 1970s was driving home on their wedding night on a stretch of dalmia road in between karsaz and Gulistan E johar, the newlywed husband was tired and as a result, he fell asleep at the wheel at first it just seemed like a tragic accident.

ever since then, people have reported seeing sightings of a bride in a red dress. She comes to drivers whose vehicles mysteriously stop on the road at night presumably reliving her last moments on the road as she tried to help her dying husband. Legend also says, that the bride asks you for a ride and if you stop to look at her face she will morph into something terrifying and evil.

the water babies



the water babies is a native American urban legend and is about a creature that is known as a water baby, it can mimic the cries of a young infant they are said to look like a beautiful child and or have mermaid-like features. You should never go near the water. these water babies were the spirits of drowning children who target others out of vengeance. If you try to pick up a water baby or try to save them it’s said that the water baby will try and drown you or tragedy will follow you. It’s even said that the cry of a water baby can be an omen of death.

the seventh son/the seventh son of a seventh son



is a Mexican urban legend and is one of my favorites, it is about a boy with magic powers and is feared by everyone in his village.

it goes like this

in a rural area near Toledo, Mexico there was a small village where one of the most tales of terror ever told took place, this is the story of a child called Fedrico who lived in Mexico in the 19th century.

Federico was the seventh son in his family and was the seventh son of a seventh son. everybody in the village knows that this child was endowed with occult like powers, they say that he had the gift of second sight and was able to predict the future. He also had healing hands and was able to cure anyone of any ailment. The boy was quiet and shy, but all the other kids treated him like he was a monster and the villagers were terrified of him and refused to have anything to do with Federico.

one dark night the elders of the village got together and held a meeting, they discussed what should be done about the boy they decided that he was too dangerous and had to be gotten rid of so they made a plan to murder the boy and destroy his body because they believed this was the only way that they could protect the village.

the elders persuaded the boy to come with them and led him to an abandoned remote shack in the woods. When the boy’s back was turned the men pounced on him, bound him, in a satanic ritual, they stripped him of his clothing and hung him from the roof, and lowered the boy’s body in a vat of boiling oil while he was still alive and screaming in pain.

they gouged out his eyes and hacked his body to pieces, they put the chunks of the boy’s flesh and bone in a wooden barrel and dumped it into a river. The men then returned home that night feeling satisfied with their deeds unremorseful.

the next day when some villagers went to visit the house of one of the elders knocked on the door but got no reply, they then decided to enter the elder’s house, what they found inside almost made their blood freeze in their veins.

the old man lay dead on the ground his eyes were gouged out and was resting on his chest and his head had been crushed his hands, and feet had been chopped off, there was also a message written on the ground in his blood. It read “innocent blood had been spilled now the guilty must die.” after that, all of the elders who participated in the brutal murder of the boy begin turning up dead their bodies mutilated and dismembered the same as they had done to the boy Federico.

When the gruesome and bloody remains of the last man were discovered, the villagers found a message written in blood, it read “now I have been avenged. the guilty have paid their debt,”.

the 7th-barn




the 7th-barn is a Ohioan urban legend and it goes something like this

once there was a wealthy farmer who owned a lot of land in Ohio. He built a new barn on his property every time his wife had a baby and would name the barns after each of their children, he was expecting a seventh child however the farmer’s wife died in childbirth and so did their unborn child. The farmer overcame with grief at the loss, could no longer find the will to tend to the farm.

the family soon ran out of money and the farm started going under. One night in the depths of his madness and despair the farmer took an Axe and led all of his children out to the barns where he murdered them one by one. He then buried each of their bodies in the six barns that had been named after them. Then the farmer went to the 7th barn and hug himself eventually all of the barns were torn down and the land was sold off all except for the 7th barn as nobody wanted to buy the land because of what had happened there so it was abandoned and fell into disrepair and no one could find the seventh barn.

that is until 1997 when a local Ohioan teacher claimed that he had found the 7th barn. According to the teacher he said that none of the barns had ever actually been torn down the land there had just been divided up and sold off and the barns had simply been incorporated into neighboring farms he was able to pinpoint the correct location because of all of the barns of the neighboring properties had nameplates above their doors with the names of the children engraved on them. The teacher and his son set out the night to visit the barn bringing a video camera with them in the hopes of capturing some paranormal activity. The next morning the teacher’s wife reported that her husband and son was missing the police found their car abandoned by a roadside while searching the area they entered a barn in a nearby field, they found the dead bodies of the teacher and son hanging from the rafters.

they say that if you go to the barn at night, you can see the ghost of the farmer hanging from the rafters his body swaying back and forth in the wind.

they also say that the farmer is vengeful and if he catches you, he will kill you in the same way he killed himself.

good luck sleeping tonight 🙂

what did you think of this list did it chill you to the bone? or did it not even phase you

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