Things every vintage make up lover needs

Clara bow with compact

here is my list of some of the best vintage or historical reproduction beauty products to buy, I have personally tried some of these. so I can say that they are worth buying

(Note.. some of these lipsticks and vintage stains may not be vegan, always check the ingredient list to make sure it is vegan cruelty free or even halal make up.)

Historical reproduction Lipsticks and lip stains

lipstick was first made in 1884 by a French cosmetic company and was perfected in the 1920s with the invention of the newer lipstick swivel tube patented by James Bruce mason

Historical reproduction mascara and kohl

mascara was invented 1872 by Eugene Rimmel a French perfumer entrepreneur and in 1923 Eugene Rimmel created mascara in the form of a cake in a ten with a small brush hince the name “cake” mascara.

before mascara was invented or if they did not have access to kohl, women would commonly use match sticks or would mix soot from chimneys with Vaseline to create what they called eyelash darkener.

Historical reproduction soothing creams

vintage style beauty accessories

close up portrait of woman applying mascara on her eyelashes

what did you think after reading this list, did you agree with it or not what where your thoughts after reading this.

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