jewelry to make your Abaya or semi formal Muslimah friendly dress stand out in the room


from Mughal-E-Azam

are you tired of wearing your same old outfit?, wearing it either to semi formal or formal events, family gatherings, or at the masjid/mosque for holidays and feeling like it is not cute or stunning enough.

well, here is my list of things that can help make whatever your stand out by just using these simple piece of jewelry.


Hooped earrings or jhumka hoops Would look beautiful paired with your abaya or your semi formal dress for any occasion

I have worn hoops personally with hijabi friendly outfits which earned me non stop complements, trust me hoops make the outfit pop and will add style to it.

Dangle ring

A dangle  ring or charm ring would look beautiful with your beautiful abaya dress


bracelets that are either Charm, coin or bracelets that Dangles would look amazing and add style to your outfit specially If they are layered, I love layering my bracelets and is mostly how I wear them

hand flower/ring bracelet/kuchi ring bracelet

I sometimes wear one on Islamic holidays, they not only fun to wear but look beautiful too.


A Necklace can add flare to your dress, A coin, cameo, or heart, necklace would also look very cute


a choker can look very pretty or cute depending on what your aiming for and for more of effect you could wear a choker with a long necklace I myself often go for this type of layered style

Page 6 - Woman Wearing Gold Necklace High Resolution Stock Photography and  Images - Alamy

how did you feel about this list did you agree with it or not what where your thoughts after reading this list comment down below

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