the choker, it’s Brief history and why they are one of the best jewelry piece’s out there.


chokers have been worn for centuries with it’s purpose varying, worn for either religious reasons, aesthetic purposes, protection, remembrance of a event or a tragedy, or worn to hide unwanted scars.

but it’s history, goes back a lot farther then we know.

lets all go back in time to ancient Sumeria 4500-1900

the worlds world’s oldest known choker is dated 2600-2500, and belongs to the Sumerian queen paubi. Akkadian: 𒅤𒀀𒉿meaning  “Word of my father was the queen of the first dynasty of Ur modern day Iraq

golden chokers where made by the Sumerian around 2500 bc as a fashion piece and like most human civilizations mostly likely worn to show the status and wealth of higher class and royal people

the ancient Egyptians wore chokers as amulets and decorations

ancient Egyptians would wear them as they believed they held protective power and the most of it’s kind is the Wesekh  collar

In the medieval era, noble women wore chokers with motifs of saints on them as they believed it would protect them from disease, such as the black plague.

however, one of the most well known woman choker wearers was, Anne Boleyn from the tutor era as she had famously worn a choker with a b intimal her paintings the same one that her daughter queen Elizabeth I would also wear to remember her mother

The indigenous people of America had worn chokers made of bone, horn, leather glass beads as form of protection for it’s tribal warriors guarding the neck in battle they where also attacked to full bone breastplates as it is not only strong but is almost impenetrable

in the 1700s europe

chokers where also worn durning the french revalotions in the form of red ribbins as a way to pay tribe to the people that lost their lifes

Mughals royals would also wear countless pearl chokers for aestetinic purpose or to show their wealth

in the 1880s the choker garnered a reputation for being a symbol of prostration, as a black ribben choker was  commonly worn around their neck.  but  it was still worn by royals one royal Alaxander of wales actaully populeried this piece of jewelry she often wore a choker to cover a scar

it was popular in the 1900s for ballerinas to adorn them as it give a appearance of a elongated neck

in the 40s the choker necklace names and style slightly changed, it was repackaged as colliers de chien or called dog necklace it was a little more chucky and big to be a true choker source see ( though it seems to have been thought of as a older woman’s fashion

it seemed to go out of style until, it was being revived by the youth in the 90s and 2000s where it was made popular again by famous actress on screen.

in east Africa tribal people, such as the maasai wear brightly colored and beautiful chokers for their wedding the choker itself has different meanings with even it’s size being a indicator of wealth.

chokers have also been worn by transwoman, for it’s association with femininity and to hide the Adam’s apple.

online stores where you can buy your choker (I mostly buy mine from Esty)

now, ladies gentleman, lets all go drown in our chokers.

just kidding so how did you feel about after reading this, did it make you love chokers even more or did it suppress you that the choker as so much history.

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Resources that i used for this post,neck%2C%20wrists%2C%20and%20head.,neck%2C%20wrists%2C%20and%20head.

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