Muslim Fashion post: jewelry that could compliment any Hijabi friendly outfit

here is my list of jewelry that can compliment your Hijabi friendly outfit and add personal flare to your clothing


I have plenty of chokers they are beautiful and can be worn with any blouse shirt or dress but it works the best with a hijab in the turban style if you wear a head covering as it would clasp around your neck properly and comfortably without falling off


a necklace with a charm, small bead, or a beautiful afghan kuchi necklace would add some style to your casual long dress. blouse, Kurti, abaya, or a plain t-shirt.


a bracelet or bangle would look beautiful, and add flayer to your attire.


wear a anklet paired with jeans, I love wearing anklets with jeans and a hijabi friendly top jeans it is a fun way to with experiment with fashion.


olive wood earrings jhumka earrings or dangle earrings would look amazing with a turban or a standard style hijab

a brooch or dangle hijab pin

a non heavy brooch or hijab pin would look beautiful clipped on with your hijab would look good with any outfit.

I love wearing a brooch or pin with my hijab with my outfits as it adds some personality to my fashion.


a statement ring, gemstone, petite or a cute cameo ring, would look amazing, with your casual or semi formal outfit.

how did you feel about this list did you agree with it or not what where your thoughts after reading this list comment down below

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