blog post: an unfortunate Islamophobic Christmas Experience

 this blog post  I wanted to talk about this particular Experience of mine when I went out with my family for Christmas in a small older town of my state.

it was a chilly winter night filled with beautiful lights and carolers singing near stores while others passed by Listening to their beautiful songs, after i watched the carolers for a little i decided that i wanted to walk into this one shop near me for a card for a friend, though I did not get my hopes up to find anything when I entered the shop I walked up to the cash register where somebody was attending it I was if they had the particular card that I was searching for but the person at the cash register did not answer me, though this person without a doubt saw me and refused to answer my question about their store’s products no instead the cash register attendant simply walked away finely another person in the store helped me I said thank you to the person

and I begin to realize that it was my hijab and me being Muslim that the person who had been working the cash register did not like me, to test my theory that this was Islamophobia at work. I went near the section of the store the cash attendant was, and they turned away when they saw me near the section they were in and from what I saw they were even helping others but not me when I went to the cash register when I walked in the store, I just finely left the store feeling frustrated hurt and humiliated at the first initial refusal of service based on my religion

I recount this story with great hurt and pain at having been singled out for my religion I just to want say that it makes me feel anger when I hear that I should be happy I live in a democracy and not in the middle east that I should shut up and stop complaining when I am seemingly in situations of toeing the line of refusal of service and and not so much, it is a way to get away with hate and have it not be a seen as discrimination.

refusal of service of any kind based on religion race gender sexual orientation is illegal period, and yet it is still swept under the rug and this is probably one of many refusals to come in my life as a Muslim in us as long as people let Islamophobia and racism go on.

if you your have something you would like to share about your own experiences of islamophobia please do so at or my tumblr page

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